By: Kevin Shaffer
February 16, 2017

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Thanks to our great readers and followers we have received additional information on the Class 2A Basketball Eastern Regional tournament.  The biggest questions involved on how the bracket would be seeded and where the games are to be played and we now have those answers.

The bracket will be seeded through RPI standings posted after district tournament play concludes.  The top three teams from districts 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 will qualify for the regional tournament and they will be placed in five different pods.  The top five seeds and first round byes will be determined by the RPI and teams seeded six through 15 will also be seeded according to RPI but teams may be moved to avoid two teams from the same district meeting in that round.

Pairings are below and the winner of each pod will advance to the same tournament.  The three remaining districts have virtually the same format with those nine teams battling for three state tournament berths at Western State University in Gunnison.

  • POD A:  #10 vs #15 – winner plays #1 seed
  • POD B:  #9 vs #14 – winner plays #2 seed
  • POD C:  #8 vs #13 – winner plays #3 seed
  • POD D:  #7 vs #12 – winner plays #4 seed
  • POD E:  #6 vs #11 – winner plays #5 seed


Pods A and B will be played at Mullen High School, Pods C and D will be at Doherty High School and Pod E will be played at Vista Peak High School.  Girls and Boys teams could be placed in different pods based on seeding.  

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