For 50 years, Alpine Bank has been a community entity throughout the state of Colorado. That’s why it comes as no surprise that for its 50th anniversary the organization is celebrating with employee-directed gifts to the community.

The bank announced that $426,500 will be donated to select organizations in celebration of the banks continued commitment to Colorado.

The recipients were determined by $500 individual gifts chosen by Alpine Bank employees. Organizations that were chosen by more than one employee were given more than the $500.

“I think it’s impossible to separate where business interests end and where society’s begin,” Alpine Bank founder and Chairman Bob Young said in a release. “What makes a good banker is somebody who carries the same values. A good bank is one who can fully support the community in the most positive way.”

Colorado Governor Jared Polis also took notice of Alpine’s continued commitment to the state and declared Aug. 1 “Alpine Bank Day.”

Alpine Bank has also been a supporter of Colorado Preps and its continued commitment to high school athletics throughout the state.