There’s been a lot of new going around the office and it’s far from a bad thing. Today is the latest phase of the new.

It was about a year ago that Nate Lundy brought me up to the Mile High Sports office to chat about Colorado Preps. He had inquired about my interest about running the site if he decided to pull the trigger on buying the site and we had one big sit down to chat logistics.

Company trajectory, goals, execution of game plans, etc.

We very much had the same theory and it coincides very well with the way Nate signs his company-wide emails.

“Onward and upward.”

Today is the latest chapter as we launch the new The structure of this website is now directly in line with our sibling sites at and

And it looks fantastic. The key now is making sure the content on the site matches our internal hopes and goals. That’s where I personally need to pick up my game while still relying on the great talent that I’ve had helping me all year.

The weekly reports from Brent New and Brian Miller aren’t going anywhere. The state championship coverage will only improve.

But we have to remember that our mission to cover all sports across the entire state. In some ways, we have an umbrella over it, but it’s not quite big enough to cover the entire landscape. So I personally will be working harder to tell those stories.

I’ll also be diving more into opinion to some degree. My hope is to treat Monday as a column day. I want to be able to provide context and viewpoints on the happenings of games, administrative decisions and even the several components that surround the world of high school athletics.

I’m not looking to provide hot takes; I’m simply going to provide my perspective as an analyst of high school sports and as well as a fan that has invested in this world for the better part of a decade.

We’ll be upping our podcast game with both myself and with Kevin Shaffer. I want to provide a space for guest columns, perhaps from coaches or even kids, if needed.

There has been a noticeable change in the coverage provided on Colorado Preps this year, but that was only the beginning. We want to make sure that this is the best place to come to for preps storytelling and overall coverage.

Today is a big step in that direction. Anyone who knows me knows how excited I am for this. And with good reason.

It’s always a great day in the Mile High Sports office when we get to show our ability to move onward and upward.

Editor-in-chief, Dan Mohrmann