Post-season play in Class 1A boys basketball is quickly approaching and to get ready, we try our hand at laying out seeding for the eight district tournaments.  The projections below are based on CURRENT league and RPI standings with notes on each on how the bracket will be determined.  Our list is not complete yet so we will update once we receive seeding details from various districts.

These are for projections only and the order could obviously could obviously change as league order and RPI will continue to change with more games played.  The regular season ends on February 22nd.


District #1

  1. DeBeque
  2. Ouray
  3. Dove Creek
  4. Nucla
  5. North Park

NOTES:  RPI is used to seed the tournament.


District #2

  1. Kit Carson
  2. Cheyenne Wells
  3. Eads
  4. Cheraw
  5. Granada
  6. McClave

NOTES:  Conference standings in the High Plains determine the bracket.  Cheyenne Wells and Eads basically share spots 2-3 right now and will play on the 21st to likely determine the order.  The same with Granada and McClave in spots 5-6 as they square off on Friday.


District #3

  1. Kim/Branson
  2. Walsh
  3. South Baca
  4. Springfield
  5. Wiley

NOTES:  Conference standings in the Ark Valley determine the bracket.  Kim/Branson and Walsh share the lead and we used RPI to break the tie.  The two also collide on Friday to take care of it on the court.  Springfield and Wiley also have a game remaining.


District #4

  1. Briggsdale
  2. Merino
  3. Prairie
  4. Fleming
  5. Caliche
  6. Longmont Christian
  7. Peetz
  8. Weldon Valley

NOTES:  Standings in the North Central along with RPI numbers are used to seed the eight team bracket.  The North Central teams are seeded in order by conference finish with the other clubs placed in based on RPI standings.  Prairie and Fleming share second place behind Briggsdale in the North Central but the Mustangs won the first matchup so we place them in the bracket ahead of the Wildcats.  The two clubs meet again on Friday.


District #5

  1. Idalia
  2. Haxtun
  3. Stratton/Liberty
  4. Flagler/Hi Plains
  5. Arickaree/Woodlin
  6. Lone Star
  7. Bethune
  8. Otis

NOTES:  The bracket is determined completely by RPI.  We have them in order based on RPI standings on February 13th before games were played that day.


District #6

  1. Sangre De Cristo
  2. Primero
  3. Cotopaxi
  4. Manzanola
  5. Sierra Grande
  6. La Veta
  7. Creede
  8. Antonito
  9. Moffat

NOTES:  Conference standings in the Southern Peaks determine the order.  Cotopaxi and Manzanola share spots 3-4 and they play in the final game of the season.


District #7

  1. Evangelical Christian
  2. Genoa Hugo
  3. Pikes Peak Christian
  4. Edison
  5. Deer Trail
  6. Elbert
  7. Hanover
  8. Colorado D&B
  9. Kiowa
  10. Cripple Creek

NOTES:  RPI is used to seed the bracket.


District #8

  1. Denver Waldorf
  2. Denver Jewish Day
  3. Mile High Academy
  4. Flatirons Academy
  5. Rocky Mountain Lutheran
  6. Belleview Christian
  7. Shining Mountain
  8. Beth Eden
  9. Front Range Baptist
  10. Denver Academy of Torah

NOTES:  Conference standings in the 5280 are used to determine the order.  Denver Jewish Day and Mile High Academy are tied for spots 2-3 but Denver Jewish Day won the head to head matchup.



Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer is the founder and owner of the Colorado Preps Network which debuted in the summer of 2003. Kevin and his wife Lanette reside in Fort Morgan and are the proud parents of Lexi and Tyler.

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