1A Boys Regional pairings

Regional tournaments for Class 1A boys basketball have been released.  Winners of the eight games on Saturday advance to the state tournament in Greeley and Loveland March 8-10th.



First Round – Friday

FINAL:  #6 Arickaree/Woodlin beat #7 Elbert 57-31

FINAL:  #5 Otis beat #8 Deer Trail 64-48

FINAL:  #4 Genoa Hugo beat #9 Stratton Liberty 60-53

Second Round – Saturday (winners advance to state)

FINAL:  #1 Heritage Christian beat #6 Arickaree/Woodlin 70-40

FINAL:  #2 Peetz beat #5 Otis 62-50

FINAL:  #4 Genoa Hugo beat #3 Longmont Christian 51-49 (OT)


WESTERN REGIONAL – Glenwood Springs High School

Saturday (winners advance to state)

FINAL:  Cornerstone Christian beat DeBeque 74-60

FINAL:  Front Range Baptist beat North Park 54-32



First Round – Friday

FINAL:  #6 South Baca beat #7 McClave 67-51

FINAL:  #5 Kit Carson beat #8 Walsh 45-44

FINAL:  #4 Sangre De Cristo beat #9 Cheraw 54-35

Second Round – Saturday (winners advance to state)

FINAL:  #6 South Baca beat #1 Holly 80-67

FINAL:  #2 Creede beat #5 Kit Carson 58-56

FINAL:  #4 Sangre De Cristo beat #3 Sierra Grande 43-39

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  1. So what happens if the 9 beats the 4 or the 8 beats the 5? Why have you pre-determined the second round games. The 3 shouldn’t have a chance of playing a lower seed over the 1. You are making the season meaningless and rewarding lesser teams. If 9 upsets 4 then 1 should get to play 9. If 4 wins and 8 wins then 1 plays 8, 2 plays 6 and 3 plays 4. You people should understand that simple fact.

    • Hot teams will be a challenge when it comes to playoffs in any basketball landscape. If the #1 seed can’t beat a lower seed no matter what the situation, they probably shouldn’t worry about winning the state tournament. Just play and don’t be scared, if you have a great team it will be rewarded. If not, better luck in the future…

  2. The issue that players, coaches, schools, and communities have with this system is that CHSAA is trying to combine an RPI system with a district/regional tournament system, and it’s failing horribly at the 1A and 2A levels. They need to pick a system and go with it. As it stands, in 1A boys there is a Regional Tournament bracket filled with District Tournament consolation teams, meanwhile there is also a bracket filled with District Tournament Champions because seeding was based off RPI standings instead of District Tournament results. RPI superseded the results of the District Tournament, and that’s not right. Winning a District Championship essentially means nothing, and that doesn’t settle well with people. A District Champion, one would think, should have a bye in the first round of Regionals, but RPI is preventing true match-ups that will advance the best teams to state. What we end up with is a regional tournament that will advance weaker teams, which will lead to blow-out match-ups at the state tournament. CHSAA needs to address these issues in a meaningful way.

    • I agree completely with the statement that district champions should receive a first round bye at the regional level – because winning a tournament should mean something and right now it does not. In 2A and 3A, there is an advantage to winning your district tournament as you receive the advantage of hosting an event (with a caveat of finishing in RPI top 16 on the 3A level). As mentioned in a previous comment, I would like to see district champions get a bye in the first round – then you could use RPI to seed them 1-3. Teams that finish second could then be placed in the regional bracket opposite their number one teams from the same district. Then the 3rd place teams would be 7-9 in the bracket and again placed opposite districts….in this manner, you could have a #1 from one district, #2 from a second district and the #3 from the third district – to avoid district rematches on the regional level. In a year where one district is extremely strong, they could feasibly send three teams to the state tournament.

  3. Hello,

    I’m interested in 1A Boys Basketball pairings in the Southeast Regionals in La Junta for March 3rd,2018. Seems like last year I was actually able to watch a game online. I’ve done a pretty thorough search but I don’t see any such opportunities to either listen to or view these games online this year. Do you know if any such opportunities exist? I realize time is late for a reply but….

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