2A Boys Regional Pairings

Class 2A Boys’ Regional tournament pairings have been released by CHSAA.  The eight winners advance to the state tournament in Loveland March 8-10.  The bracket will be reseeded at the conclusion of the regional tournaments.

The highest seed in each of the eight brackets serve as hosts.  First round games are Friday with winners advancing to meet on Saturday


REGION ONE – Crowley County High School

FINAL:  #1 Crowley County beat #32 Center 67-32

FINAL:  #17 Fowler beat #16 Haxtun 56-52 (OT)

FINAL:  #1 Crowley County beat #17 Fowler 48-34


REGION EIGHT – Sanford High School

FINAL:  #8 Sanford beat #25 Mancos 46-37

FINAL:  #9 Sedgwick County beat #24 Rocky Ford 59-45

FINAL:  #8 Sanford beat #9 Sedgwick County 42-39


REGION FIVE – Meeker High School

FINAL:  #5 Meeker beat #28 Telluride 73-42

FINAL: #12 Simla beat #21 Rangely 59-49

FINAL:  #5 Meeker beat #12 Simla 56-46


REGION FOUR – Byers High School

FINAL:  #4 Byers beat #29 Union Colony Prep 85-68

FINAL:  #13 Vail Christian beat #20 Clear Creek 74-55

FINAL:  #4 Byers beat #13 Vail Christian 69-59


REGION TWO – Yuma High School

FINAL:  #2 Yuma beat #31 Swallows Charter 67-35

FINAL:  #15 Evangelical Christian beat #18 Dawson 52-45

FINAL:  #2 Yuma beat #15 Evangelical Christian 59-31


REGION SEVEN – Ellicott High School

FINAL:  #7 Ellicott beat #26 Sargent 56-29

FINAL:  #10 Calhan beat #23 Akron 60-52 (OT)

FINAL:  #7 Ellicott beat #10 Calhan 55-46


REGION SIX – Ignacio High School

FINAL:  #6 Ignacio beat #27 Denver Christian 65-42

FINAL:  #11 Limon beat #22 Hotchkiss 66-53

FINAL:  #6 Ignacio beat #11 Limon 59-39


REGION THREE – Highland High School

FINAL:  #3 Highland beat #30 Front Range Christian 77-46

FINAL:  #14 Del Norte beat #19 Paonia 83-68

FINAL:  #3 Highland beat #14 Del Norte 81-76 (OT)


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  1. Well that looks nice,except maybe for poor Fowler.

    They get to lose to Crowley County something like four times.

    Wouldn’t matter except they are the top seed by far. Not much respect for district 6.

    • You could have just switched Rocky Ford with Fowler.

      But no matter. Teams that don’t sit near hwy 34 or the Weld County area don’t matter much huh Kev?

    • games are Friday night with winners advancing to Saturday – most often they are at 6:00pm and 7:30pm and then 1:00pm on Saturday if one school hosts – sometimes they start at 3:00pm if both the boys and girls are hosting a regional tournament. We will post official game times at all brackets when we receive them. Probably won’t get too many until tomorrow (Monday).

  2. We are coming from a district in which the average RPI for the league is .526, driving to a district 400 miles and 6 1/2 hours away to play at the home district with the average RPI of.4605. We are used to no respect since we are almost Nebraska, but maybe CHSAA could come up with a different plan then this. (From a Sedgwick County fan.)

    • Sedgwick County is doing very well. Have seen them heavily in Basketball and Baseball over the last three years or so.

      Speaking of the last three years, there’s this other team called Sanford which has shown some success over the last three years in Basketball as well. Have you noticed?

    • The state is in love with your district David Nein. Remember Highland getting absolutely shunned last year at regionals even with a win over Akron? Either way I mean no disrespect, but I do have a hard time with that one. Personally I wish you guys good luck this week. I would love to see Sanford finally miss a state tournament!

      Our Badgers are headed down to Ignacio and ready to go to battle! Go Limon!

    • David Nein I have a few comments to make about this. First, I agree wholeheartedly some of the travel distances for the small schools are ridiculous and there needs to be adjustments, but where was your concern when Sargent had to make the same trip (but up to you) twice for football? Second, the Cougar boys are an incredible group and it is very unfortunate they drew Sanford who, it seems, is always ready for tournaments. Thirdly, as for “respect” from CHSAA, those of us in “Northern New Mexico” are perpetually overlooked. Moving to Loveland for the state tournament was great for Eastern Colorado, but tell me Pueblo wasn’t more fair for kids from District 1 or District 3 … it sure appeared Pueblo was more centrally located. Lastly, CHSAA brought TV to Sanford for the Cougars. They could not find time when Sanford played for the record win streak of 74 games or even the game before yours last night. CHSAA made sure the Sedgwick County basketball defense from last year is in the record books as number ten all time. There are two Sanford teams in the last five years who are better, but not listed. Talk about no respect.

      • One thing to keep in mind – CHSAA did not bring TV to the game – the NFHS Network has a school broadcast program so the game originated from the Sedgwick County school district and not CHSAA. Just wanted to make that clear…..

          • No worries – just try to make sure info is correct in our comment section…..a few other games were also online in the state with the same reason. 5A Great 8 is a CHSAA TV (NFHS Network) event as will all the games next weekend.

      • CK! Thanks for the love for Pueblo. I’ve been watching 2a state since about 2004 I think.

        This year, I’m gonna watch 4A ball in Denver.

        You feel sorry for Sedgwick County playing Sanford’s bracket? I was feeling sorry for Sanford, didn’t see that coming.

        Chssa will be happy to get a break from me.

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