State tournament pairings for Class 2A will be announced on Sunday but we will spend the night and possibly into tomorrow morning projecting how the brackets may lay out.  RPI will play a major role but for the state tournament head to head competition and common opponents can also play a role.  We have yet to see updated RPI standings from CHSAA so please note that our first look at the pairings are “pre-RPI” so we reserve the right to make some changes.



We believe the top three seeds will be Limon, Holyoke and Rye.  Most folks will pick Limon as the top seed as they have a win over Holyoke but let’s not forget Rye in the discussion.  The Thunderbolts are the lone unbeaten team in the field and while their schedule lacks a bit, they do have two wins over a Rocky Ford club that posted a win over Limon in December.  Remember that common opponents can be in the discussion.  The gap in RPI though will likely be against Rye so we put them third behind Limon and Holyoke.  But again that’s a good discussion.

Del Norte is our choice as the number four seed as they have a nice RPI advantage over the rest of the field.  They also have three wins over Sanford and split a home-away series with Ignacio.

Wray started the weekend behind Sanford and Ignacio in the RPI but their big win over #3 Meeker on Saturday could be enough to get them past those two clubs.  That’s why we go with the Eagles at number five followed by Ignacio and Sanford.  Ignacio has a win over Del Norte while the Indians dropped three games to the Tigers.  That leaves Holly as the number eight seed.  RPI and ten losses will likely prevent the Wildcats from moving out of the #8 seed.

With that in mind – our first bracket – again pre-RPI looks like this:

  • #1 Limon vs #8 Holly
  • #4 Del Norte vs #5 Wray
  • #3 Rye vs #6 Ignacio
  • #2 Holyoke vs #7 Sanford



This bracket could go in a bunch of different directions but it’s likely the discussion for the top overall seed is between Highland and Limon.  Yuma and Sanford could also be in the mix but the defending state champions (Yuma) did not win their district tournament and Sanford has four losses compared to a combined three for Highland and Limon.  But three of Sanford’s losses are against 3A teams that made the state tournament (Centauri twice & Alamosa) so their strength of schedule is very good.

Highland is our pick at number one.  The Huskies have not played a strong schedule but they’ve dominated the 2A division this year.  Their only loss is a double-overtime setback to 3A Eaton.  They do have a win over state qualifier Peyton early in the season.

Limon lost early to Ignacio and then split two games with Denver Christian.  They actually have more wins over state tournament teams than Highland as the Badgers topped Fowler, Kit Carson and Merino.  That might be enough to sway the committee and the Badgers probably move into the top spot if they stay ahead of Highland in the RPI.  Yuma and Sanford are in a similar discussion for spots three and four.  We go with Sanford as they’re a district champion and Yuma is not.  Again RPI could sway the decision.

The second four is probably a bit easier as we go with Fowler, Ignacio, Wray and Peyton based on RPI and avoiding district matchups in the opening round.  We also try to keep league and district rivals on opposite sides of the bracket.

  • #1 Highland vs #8 Peyton
  • #4 Yuma vs #5 Fowler
  • #3 Sanford vs #6 Ignacio
  • #2 Limon vs #7 Wray

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer is the founder and owner of the Colorado Preps Network which debuted in the summer of 2003. Kevin and his wife Lanette reside in Fort Morgan and are the proud parents of Lexi and Tyler.


  1. How can chsaa not consider Ignacio win over 3a Pagosa who was number 4 at the time a factor in seeding. We are the only team in 2A to beat a team in a higher conference who was ranked. How can you say Wray needs to be ranked higher than us. They say RPI and other determining factors. Ricky Ford was ranked #1 in the state for weeks and we just beat them . I’m a little confused how they can over look the Ignacio girls when we have beat some of the best teams in the state in both classifications. We also beat Del Norte who was # 4 at the time. So what are the other determining Factors. I understand our record is not the best, but we play a much harder schedule. A very confused fan from the southwest part of the state.

    • You make good points but it will depend on how RPI shakes out – if you draw closer to some of those teams in RPI then those other factors will come into play – in the past, CHSAA committees have not wanted to move someone up the ladder quite a few spots in RPI unless there’s a head to head win. You mentioned the Rocky Ford win – Limon lost to them but the Bobcats lost to Limon head to head so that will cancel it out a bit. Rye would then have the advantage since they beat Rocky Ford twice. Just a ton of factors and please don’t put too much stock in my early brackets – again they were done without RPI and while other factors come into play – that’s the main component.

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