Post-season play in Class 2A boys basketball is quickly approaching and to get ready, we try our hand at laying out seeding for the seven district tournaments.  The projections below are based on CURRENT league and RPI standings with notes on each on how the bracket will be determined.  Our list is not complete yet so we will update once we receive seeding details from various districts.

These are for projections only and the order could obviously could obviously change as league order and RPI will continue to change with more games played.  The regular season ends on February 22nd but a few of these tournaments will get underway before then.



  1. Alamosa
  2. Centauri
  3. Montezuma Cortez
  4. Pagosa Springs
  5. Monte Vista
  6. Bayfield

NOTES:  It’s probably a bit early to determine this order.  Alamosa and Centauri have basically locked up the top two seeds with Alamosa getting the nod right now as they beat the Falcons in their first meeting.  Montezuma Cortez, Pagosa Springs and Monte Vista are tied for third in conference play so their remaining games will help sort that out.



  1. Lutheran
  2. Faith Christian
  3. Manual
  4. Machebeuf
  5. Colorado Academy
  6. Jefferson Academy
  7. Kent Denver
  8. Peak to Peak
  9. Prospect Ridge
  10. Stargate
  11. Skyview Academy

NOTES:  Manual and Machebeuf share third place but the Thunderbolts have the higher seed based on their head-to-head win.  Peak to Peak and Prospect Ridge play this Friday and that outcome could decide spots 8 and 9.



  1. Resurrection Christian
  2. Sterling
  3. Eaton
  4. University
  5. Valley
  6. Strasburg
  7. Liberty Common
  8. Platte Valley
  9. Brush
  10. Estes Park
  11. Frontier Academy

NOTES:  Several changes could still take place here.  A key game for the top four is Friday between Sterling and University.  If Sterling wins, the order listed above will change but if University gets the win, then the Bulldogs, Tigers and Eaton will all have two league losses and a final game next week could shape that order.  Strasburg, Liberty Common and Platte Valley all have five league losses and have beaten up on each other so that order will be impacted by their remaining conference games.


Tri Peaks

  1. Vanguard
  2. Manitou Springs
  3. St Mary’s
  4. Lamar
  5. Colorado Springs Christian
  6. James Irwin
  7. Salida
  8. La Junta
  9. Atlas Prep
  10. Ellicott
  11. Buena Vista
  12. Florence

NOTES:  We used RPI standings to break the first-place tie between Vanguard and Manitou Springs.  They meet next week with the winner taking the title and the loser ending up second.  Both have beaten St Mary’s so neither will fall out of the top two.  Colorado Springs Christian moves ahead of James Irwin and Salida since they’ve beaten both in conference play.  Atlas Prep and Ellicott play next week so spots 9-10 could also change.


Western Slope

  1. Gunnison
  2. Coal Ridge
  3. Grand Valley
  4. Delta
  5. Moffat County
  6. Roaring Fork
  7. Aspen
  8. Basalt
  9. Cedaredge
  10. Olathe

NOTES:  Gunnison and Coal Ridge each have one league loss but the Cowboys won the league contest so they’re the top seed right now.  Grand Valley, Delta and Moffat County are tied for third but the Cardinals are bumped to #3 since they’ve beaten the other two.  Delta then wins fourth based on a win over Moffat County.  Basalt also beat Cedaredge so they have the edge for #8.



  1. DSST-Montview
  2. Middle Park
  3. Jefferson
  4. Sheridan
  5. Bennett
  6. KIPP-Collegiate
  7. Academy
  8. Lake County
  9. Arrupe Jesuit
  10. Pinnacle
  11. Bruce Randolph
  12. Platte Canyon

NOTES:  Still too early to completely sort out positions three through five as all three teams have the same number of conference losses.  Jefferson has the slight edge right now as they have the win over Sheridan but the Saints also play Bennett next week.  Sheridan and Bennett also collide this week so two of the three head-to-head pairings have yet to take place.


Confluence/Colorado 8

  1. Still getting details

NOTES:  This is a mixed bracket as a few teams come in from the 4A Colorado 8 conference.




Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer is the founder and owner of the Colorado Preps Network which debuted in the summer of 2003. Kevin and his wife Lanette reside in Fort Morgan and are the proud parents of Lexi and Tyler.

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