Volleyball RPI standings have been updated as of 4:15pm Saturday afternoon, we can start to get a look at which teams may receive wildcard bids to the state tournament in Class 2A.  Eight regional champions have automatically earned a trip to the state tournament and those clubs are listed in bold.  Wildcard selections will be made based on the highest ranked teams in the RPI that did not win a regional crown.
Please note these numbers are completely unofficial and wildcards won’t be announced by CHSAA until Monday morning.  Until then, everything is just projection on our part.

  1. Yuma
  2. Swink
  3. Dayspring Christian
  4. Hoehne
  5. Fowler
  6. Lyons
  7. Meeker
  8. Rangely
  9. Denver Christian
  10. Wiggins
  11. Simla
  12. Dolores
  13. Limon
  14. Haxtun
  15. Union Colony Prep

Using these numbers, it appears that Dayspring Christian, Fowler, Wiggins and Dolores have the best chances for a wildcard selection.  The RPI though will likely be tabulated again tonight or tomorrow so these are simple projections and NOT OFFICIAL.
We can also look at how the state tournament bracket could be laid out; again using RPI numbers.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
#1 Yuma #2 Swink #3 Dayspring Christian #4 Hoehne
#8 Rangely #7 Meeker #6 Lyons #5 Fowler
#12 Dolores #11 Simla #10 Wiggins #9 Denver Christian

Changes from RPI standings posted from Saturday involve exchanging positions between Wiggins and Dolores.  Wiggins moved ahead of the Bears in the RPI standings released on Sunday so both teams move to different pools.
For semifinals, Pool A would pair with Pool D and then the winners of Pool B and C would also collide.
Again, we stress this is all for projection purposes and not official.  CHSAA will release official state tournament pairings on Monday once RPI standings are finalized and wildcard selections made.