Colorado Preps offers three different radio programs throughout the school year.


Entering our 15th season, the Colorado Preps Network again provides the Friday Night Scoreboard Show.  Airing on over 20 radio stations in Colorado, the Scoreboard Show airs each Friday from 9:30-11:00pm during the regular season and we add special playoff editions from 3:30-5:00pm each Saturday during November.  Each week, we run through all the scores from all classes and all corners of Colorado and then visit with up to 10 coaches who post impressive and important victories.


A new program launched last January, the Colorado Preps Network provides expanded coverage for basketball and wrestling for teams on the Eastern Plains.  Each week, Colorado Preps previews the best games from the previous week and looks to the top matchups for the weekend by visiting with the coaches involved.  In addition, the program also includes a weekly discussion with Tim Yount of On the Mat Rankings.


A sister program to Eastern Colorado Weekly, West Slope Weekly provides listeners with expanded coverage of teams in the western half of the state.  The program is again dominated by interviews with coaches who posted important wins in the previous week or those involved with the best games in the days ahead.