Fear not football fans, the soothing tones of Kevin Shaffer will continue to be heard on radio stations throughout Colorado.

For the 21st year, the Colorado Preps Scoreboard Show, hosted by Shaffer, will continue bringing scores to high school football fans across the state.

“I’m excited for our 21st year of the Scoreboard Show,” Shaffer said.”I always enjoy visiting with coaches on Friday nights after a big win.”

Shaffer noted that is goal this year is to involve more coaches and specifically coaches who have not had a chance to be featured on the program.

The Scoreboard Show is the flagship broadcast of the Colorado Preps Network. Along with providing regional daily updates, Shaffer also embarked on the Colorado Preps Weekly Podcast last year. The growth of Colorado Preps since it was acquired by Mile High Sports last year has been notable in terms of webpage views and audio downloads, all of which are anchored by Shaffer’s experience and longstanding goodwill with football coaches and administrators throughout Colorado.

“It’s huge,” Weld Central football coach Harrison Chisum said. “It’s huge for your school, your players, the parents and the community to be able to speak on a platform such as that. It’s been a great thing since it started, for sure.”

Of all the things at this time of year that truly make it feel like football season, the Scoreboard Show is one of the biggest. As Chisum points out, it’s just not football season in Colorado if players, coaches and fans can’t tune into Shaffer on the way home from their games.

“It would be very strange not to hear his voice,” Chisum said. “It’s one of those things where when you hear his voice, you know exactly who it is.”

The Scoreboard Show begins at 9 p.m. each Friday night. It can be heard on any of the affiliates seen below or on Mile High Sports Radio. The show will also stream on ColoradoPreps.com.