The post-season is quickly approaching for volleyball clubs in Classes 1A and 2A.  Teams have a chance to make their final push for a league championship and top district seed.  As those games take place, our top 10 rankings continue to change and this week is no different.  There are three newcomers combined in the two divisions and quite a bit of movement in the second five of each poll.
Please note these rankings are from Colorado Preps and are not included in the CHSAA Media and Coaches polls or factor into the RPI standings.


  1. Yuma (13-1)
  2. Paonia (11-1)
  3. Denver Christian (11-1)
  4. Lyons (11-4)
  5. Dayspring Christian (10-2)
  6. Hoehne (10-3)
  7. Swink (8-2)
  8. Simla (11-2)
  9. Dolores (11-1)
  10. Haxtun (10-2)

OTHERS:  Wiggins (12-2), Union Colony Prep (10-3), Telluride (9-2), Rangely (10-2), Meeker (11-2), Sargent (9-4), Fowler (9-4), Dawson (9-2)
NOTES:  Slight movement can be found in the 2A rankings as Dayspring Christian, Swink and Wiggins suffered losses last week.  Even with the loss to Union Colony, Dayspring Christian did not lose ground.  We kept them ahead of Hoehne as they picked up a late September win over the Farmers.  Hoehne though did return to the sixth spot after beating both Fowler and Swink in Santa Fe league play last week.  The Lions dropped one spot to seventh.  Simla and Dolores moved up one with the Wiggins loss and the Tigers were dropped from the rankings.  Haxtun beat Wiggins and that win gave them the open vacancy over Union Colony.  The Timberwolves lost to Wiggins early in the season.


  1. Kit Carson (12-0)
  2. Fleming (12-1)
  3. La Veta (11-0)
  4. Otis (9-3)
  5. Briggsdale (11-2)
  6. Wiley (10-2)
  7. Holly (10-2)
  8. Eads (6-2)
  9. Cheyenne Wells (7-4)
  10. Flagler (6-4)

OTHERS:  McClave (8-2), Sangre De Cristo (10-3), Weldon Valley (6-6), Dove Creek (8-3), Arickaree/Woodlin (10-3), Springfield (4-6), Creede (8-4), DeBeque (7-6), Stratton/Liberty (6-3)
NOTES:  About the only for-sure things in Class 1A volleyball involve the top three teams as we expect Kit Carson, Fleming and La Veta to remain in the top three spots the rest of the season.  They continue to roll past opponents and La Veta likely jumped their final hurdle with a three-set win over Springfield last Saturday.  Kit Carson has not dropped a set all season and Fleming’s only loss is against a 3A school.  Otis moves up to fourth this week as the Bulldogs are also perfect against 1A clubs.  Briggsdale climbs to fifth because of losses by Holly, Flagler and McClave last week.  The Falcons have an important meeting with Fleming on Friday and must win that match to have any chance at the North Central crown.  Wiley and Cheyenne Wells are newcomers this week.  Wiley scored a big win over Holly and has now split two matches with the Wildcats.  Cheyenne Wells upended McClave which cost the Cardinals their spot in the rankings.