3A State Tournament Projections

Week two of the basketball season is again filled with tournaments across the state and we’ve listed many of the events and schedules below.  We will update results each night and update the pairings throughout the week.  If you have a bracket that we can add to our list, it can be sent to [email protected]

Final scores can be sent to us by text to 970.380.7737.



Fairview Festival

FINAL:  Arvada West beat Castle View 64-38

FINAL:  Manual beat Broomfield 66-56

FINAL:  Horizon beat Denver South 67-49

FINAL:  Fairview beat Ralston Valley 64-46




Fort Lupton Santiago’s Shootout

FINAL:  Greeley Central beat Elizabeth 62-25

FINAL:  Valley beat Brush 58-46

FINAL:  Fort Lupton beat Lake County 65-27

FINAL:  Niwot beat Prospect Ridge 61-43


Syracuse KS Border War

FINAL:  Stanton County KS beat Granada 72-36

FINAL:  McClave beat Greeley County KS 51-31

FINAL:  Elkhart KS beat Eads 58-46

FINAL:  Syracuse KS beat Walsh 66-41




Fairview Festival

FINAL:  Manual beat Arvada West 66-54 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Fairview beat Horizon 60-45 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Castle View beat Broomfield 59-48 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Ralston Valley beat Denver South 78-31 (Consolation)


Centaurus Warrior Classic

FINAL:  Centaurus beat Northfield 59-38

FINAL:  Discovery Canyon beat Thornton 52-50

FINAL:  Brighton beat Kennedy 68-62

FINAL:  Erie beat Trinidad 75-30


Chaparral/ThunderRidge Tipoff Classic

FINAL:  Smoky Hill beat Grand Junction 88-42

FINAL:  Chaparral beat Rocky Mountain 67-52

FINAL:  Valor Christian beat Far Northeast 87-50

FINAL:  ThunderRidge beat Legacy 77-42


Skyline Falcons Challenge

FINAL:  Mountain Range beat Summit 91-59

FINAL:  DSST-Stapleton beat Skyline 45-44




Glenwood Springs Demon Invitational

FINAL:  Alamosa beat Montrose 60-52

FINAL:  Coal Ridge beat Peak to Peak 76-53

FINAL:  Moffat County beat Denver Christian 63-62

FINAL:  Faith Christian beat Glenwood Springs 58-44


La Junta Holiday Shootout

FINAL:  Centauri beat Swink 63-21

FINAL:  Lamar beat Del Norte 65-49

FINAL:  Sanford beat Monte Vista 65-59

FINAL:  La Junta beat Fowler 53-47


Steamboat Springs Shootout

FINAL:  Roosevelt beat Eagle Valley 63-58

FINAL:  Conifer beat Northridge 43-32

FINAL:  Steamboat Springs beat Frederick 78-48

FINAL:  Colorado Academy beat Woodland Park 74-57


Meeker Cowboy Shootout

FINAL:  Meeker beat Aspen 49-39

FINAL:  Lotus School beat Doloreso 61-47

FINAL:  Rifle beat Rangely 45-21

FINAL:  Mancos beat Soroco 55-35


Bear Creek Invitational

FINAL:  Lakewood beat Vista Peak 64-48

FINAL:  Arapahoe beat Fruita Monument 51-44

FINAL:  Grand Junction Central beat Falcon 57-54

FINAL:  Bear Creek beat Hinkley 59-24


Goodland KS Topside Classic

FINAL:  Colby KS beat McCook NE 64-54

FINAL:  Yuma beat Norton KS 52-45

FINAL:  Wray beat Goodland KS 75-61

FINAL:  Lakin KS Beat Burlington 75-54


Weld Central Izzy Leet Memorial Tournament

FINAL:  Stargate beat DSST-College View 59-40

FINAL:  Basalt beat Riverdale Ridge 51-48

FINAL:  Weld Central beat Wiggins 63-60

FINAL:  DSST-Green Valley beat Vail Mountain 69-36


Green Mountain Paul Davis Classic

FINAL:  Mead beat Green Mountain 68-65

FINAL:  Palmer beat Prairie View 81-55

FINAL:  Greeley West beat Battle Mountain 59-39

FINAL:  Evergreen beat Adams City 57-40


Berthoud Spartans Classic

8:00pm:  Berthoud vs Skyview

FINAL:  Palisade beat Mountain View 54-51


Ponderosa Invitational

FINAL:  Ponderosa beat Regis Groff 69-22

FINAL:  Pueblo East beat Arrupe Jesuit 65-29




Glenwood Springs Demon Invitational

FINAL:  Coal Ridge beat Alamosa 68-57 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Faith Christian beat Moffat County 77-45 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Montrose beat Peak to Peak 51-28 (Consolation)

8:00pm:  Denver Christian vs Glenwood Springs (Consolation)


La Junta Holiday Shootout

FINAL:  Centauri beat Lamar 48-40 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Sanford beat La Junta 69-30 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Del Norte beat Swink 64-45 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Fowler beat Monte Vista 78-76 (Consolation)


Fort Lupton Santiago’s Shootout

FINAL:  Greeley Central beat Valley 63-41 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Fort Lupton beat Niwot 56-53 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Brush beat Elizabeth 46-34 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Prospect Ridge beat Lake County 70-46 (Consolation)


Steamboat Springs Shootout

FINAL:  Conifer beat Roosevelt 62-57 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Steamboat Springs beat Colorado Academy 69-58 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Eagle Valley beat Northridge 54-50 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Frederick beat Woodland Park 70-60 (Consolation)


Meeker Cowboy Shootout

FINAL:  Meeker beat Lotus School 45-35 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Rifle beat Mancos 50-31 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Aspen beat Dolores 43-35 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Soroco beat Rangely 45-34 (Consolation)


Evangelical Christian Invitational

FINAL:  Rye beat Cotopaxi 51-46

FINAL:  Evangelical Christian beat Fountain Valley 64-31


Flagler Tournament

FINAL:  Cheraw beat Elbert 56-33

8:30pm:  Flagler/Hi Plains vs Miami Yoder


Bear Creek Invitational

FINAL:  Arapahoe beat Lakewood 57-48 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Bear Creek beat Grand Junction Central 59-38 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Fruita Monument beat Vista Peak 80-51  (Consolation)

FINAL:  Falcon beat Hinkley 61-49 (Consolation)


Fairview Festival

FINAL:  Fairview beat Manual 66-56 (Championship)

FINAL:  Arvada West beat Horizon 54-44 (3rd Place)

5:00pm:  Castle View vs Ralston Valley (5th Place)

FINAL:  Broomfield beat Denver South 73-55 (7th Place)


Jefferson Academy Tournament

FINAL:  Sheridan beat Lyons 57-44

FINAL:  Jefferson Academy beat Bruce Randolph 58-48


Twin Peaks Charter Tournament

3:00pm:  Estes Park vs Loveland Classical

7:30pm:  Twin Peaks Charter vs Swallows Charter


Las Animas Holiday Tournament

FINAL:  Las Animas beat Manzanola 57-51

FINAL:  South Baca beat La Veta 51-32


Prairie Classic

FINAL:  Briggsdale beat Arickaree/Woodlin 60-56

FINAL:  Prairie beat Shining Mountain 58-42


Goodland KS Topside Classic

FINAL:  Yuma beat Colby KS 51-50 (Semifinal)

6:00pm:  Wray vs Lakin KS (Semifinal)

2:00pm:  McCook NE vs Norton KS (Consolation)

6:00pm:  Goodland KS vs Burlington (Consolation)


Weld Central Izzy Leet Memorial Tournament

FINAL:  Stargate beat Basalt 59-51 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  DSST-Conservatory beat Weld Central 60-47 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  DSST-College View beat Riverdale Ridge 75-70 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Vail Mountain beat Wiggins 53-51 (Consolation)


Centaurus Warrior Classic

FINAL:  Discovery Canyon beat Centaurus 54-39 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Brighton beat Erie 79-60 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Northfield beat Thornton 71-51 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Kennedy beat Trinidad 63-43 (Consolation)


Green Mountain Paul Davis Classic

FINAL:  Palmer beat Mead 85-74 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Greeley West beat Evergreen 41-22 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Green Mountain beat Prairie View 52-50 (Consolation)

3:30pm:  Battle Mountain vs Adams City (Consolation)


Buena Vista Invitational

FINAL:  Bayfield beat Salida 50-40

FINAL:  Grand Valley beat Middle Park 60-53

FINAL:  Gunnison beat Pagosa Springs 50-45

FINAL:  University beat Buena Vista 53-49


Berthoud Spartans Classic

FINAL:  Berthoud beat Palisade 62-52

5:00pm:  Mountain View vs Skyview


Chaparral/ThunderRidge Tipoff Classic

FINAL:  Chaparral beat Smoky Hill 72-55 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  ThunderRidge beat Valor Christian 48-43 (Semifinal)

FINAL:  Rocky Mountain beat Grand Junction 60-39 (Consolation)

FINAL:  Far Northeast beat Legacy 60-52 (Consolation)


Ponderosa Invitational

FINAL:  Ponderosa beat Arrupe Jesuit 65-30

FINAL:  Pueblo East beat Regis Groff 61-36


Skyline Falcons Challenge

FINAL:  DSST-Stapleton beat Mountain Range 69-68

7:30pm:  Skyline vs Summit


Syracuse KS Border War

FINAL:  Stanton County KS beat Eads 78-34

FINAL:  Walsh beat Elkhart KS 66-37

FINAL:  Greeley County KS beat Granada 64-47

FINAL:  Syracuse KS beat McClave 51-38




Glenwood Springs Demon Invitational

2:30pm:  Coal Ridge vs Faith Christian (Championship)

FINAL:  Alamosa beat Moffat County 61-49 (3rd Place)

2:30pm:  Montrose vs (5th Place)

11:30am:  Peak to Peak vs (7th Place)


La Junta Holiday Shootout

7:00pm:  Centauri vs Sanford (Championship)

4:00pm:  Lamar vs La Junta (3rd Place)

FINAL:  Fowler beat Del Norte 53-41 (5th Place)

FINAL:  Monte Vista beat Swink 54-30 (7th Place)


Fort Lupton Santiago’s Shootout

8:00pm:  Greeley Central vs Fort Lupton (Championship)

2:00pm:  Valley vs Niwot (3rd Place)

6:30pm:  Brush vs Prospect Ridge (5th Place)

11:00am:  Elizabeth vs Lake County (7th Place)


Steamboat Springs Shootout

2:15pm:  Conifer vs Steamboat Springs (Championship)

12:30pm:  Roosevelt vs Colorado Academy (3rd Place)

FINAL:  Frederick beat Eagle Valley 75-63 (5th Place)

FINAL:  Northridge beat Woodland Park 47-44 (7th Place)


Meeker Cowboy Shootout

FINAL:  Rifle beat Meeker 31-20 (Championship)

FINAL:  Mancos beat Lotus School 52-42 (3rd Place)

FINAL:  Aspen beat Soroco 53-35 (5th Place)

FINAL:  Dolores beat Rangely 52-44 (7th Place)


Evangelical Christian Invitational

7:30pm:  Evangelical Christian vs Rye (Championship)

4:30pm:  Cotopaxi vs Fountain Valley (3rd Place)


Flagler Tournament

6:30pm:  Cheraw vs Flagler/Hi Plains (Championship)

3:30pm:  Elbert vs Miami Yoder (3rd Place)


Bear Creek Invitational

2:30pm:  Arapahoe vs Bear Creek (Championship)

1:00pm:  Lakewood vs Grand Junction Central (3rd Place)

11:30am:  Fruita Monument vs Falcon (5th Place)

10:00am:  Vista Peak vs Hinkley (7th Place)


Jefferson Academy Tournament

1:30pm:  Jefferson Academy vs Sheridan (Championship)

10:30am:  Lyons vs Bruce Randolph (3rd Place)


Twin Peaks Charter Tournament

1:30pm:  Championship

10:30am:  3rd Place


Las Animas Holiday Tournament

5:30pm:  South Baca vs Las Animas (Championship)

2:30pm:  Manzanola vs La Veta (3rd Place)


Prairie Classic

4:30pm:  Briggsdale vs Prairie (Championship)

1:30pm:  Arickaree/Woodlin vs Shining Mountain (3rd Place)


Goodland KS Topside Classic

5:00pm:  Yuma vs Lakin KS (Championship)

1:00pm:  Wray vs Colby KS (3rd Place)

11:00am:  Burlington vs McCook NE (5th Place)


Weld Central Izzy Leet Memorial Tournament

7:00pm:  Stargate vs DSST-Conservatory (Championship)

3:00pm:  Weld Central vs Basalt (3rd Place)

3:00pm:  DSST-College View vs Vail Mountain (5th Place)

11:00am:  Wiggins vs Riverdale Ridge (7th Place)


Centaurus Warrior Classic

8:00pm:  Discovery Canyon vs Brighton (Championship)

5:00pm:  Centaurus vs Erie (3rd Place)

2:00pm:  Northfield vs Kennedy (5th Place)

11:00am:  Thornton vs Trinidad (7th Place)


Green Mountain Paul Davis Classic

5:00pm:  Palmer vs Greeley West (Championship)

3:30pm:  Mead vs Evergreen (3rd Place)

2:00pm:  Green Mountain vs 5th Place

12:30pm:  Prairie View vs 7th Place


Buena Vista Invitational

FINAL:  Middle Park beat Bayfield 49-47

FINAL:  Grand Valley beat Salida 64-58

FINAL:  Pagosa Springs beat University 56-49

4:00pm:  Buena Vista vs Gunnison


Berthoud Spartans Classic

2:30pm:  Berthoud vs Mountain View

11:30am:  Skyview vs Palisade


Chaparral/ThunderRidge Tipoff Classic

3:00pm:  ThunderRidge vs Chaparral (Championship)

1:20pm:  Smoky Hill vs Valor Christian (3rd Place)

11:40am:  Rocky Mountain vs Far Northeast (5th Place)

10:00am:  Grand Junction vs Legacy (7th Place)


Ponderosa Invitational

7:00pm:  Ponderosa vs Pueblo East

5:30pm:  Arrupe Jesuit vs Regis Groff


Skyline Falcons Challenge

4:30pm:  Summit vs DSST-Stapleton

7:30pm:  Skyline vs Mountain Range


Syracuse KS Border War

3:00pm:  Granada vs Elkhart KS

3:00pm:  McClave vs Stanton County KS

6:00pm:  Walsh vs Greeley County KS

6:00pm:  Eads vs Syracuse KS

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer is the founder and owner of the Colorado Preps Network which debuted in the summer of 2003. Kevin and his wife Lanette reside in Fort Morgan and are the proud parents of Lexi and Tyler.
Kevin Shaffer
About Kevin Shaffer 1459 Articles
Kevin Shaffer is the founder and owner of the Colorado Preps Network which debuted in the summer of 2003. Kevin and his wife Lanette reside in Fort Morgan and are the proud parents of Lexi and Tyler.

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