Several volleyball tournaments dot the Saturday schedule in high school sports.  We’ve grabbed some of the schedules and they’re available below.  If you have a tournament and schedule to add, please send to [email protected].


Pool A:  Lewis Palmer, Windsor, Thompson Valley
Pool B:  Pueblo West, Ralston Valley, Platte Valley
Pool C:  Valley, Bayfield, Broomfield
Pool D:  University, Niwot, Montrose
Lewis Palmer vs Thompson Valley
Pueblo West vs Platte Valley
Valley vs Broomfield
Matches then follow in order based on first available court:
Match 4:  University vs Montrose
Match 5:  Windsor vs Thompson Valley
Match 6:  Ralston Valley vs Platte Valley
Match 7:  Bayfield vs Broomfield
Match 8:  Niwot vs Montrose
Match 9:  Lewis Palmer vs Windsor
Match 10:  Pueblo West vs Ralston Valley
Match 11:  Valley vs Bayfield
Match 12:  University vs Niwot
Championship Brackets
Match 13:  A3 vs D3
Match 14:  B3 vs C3
Match 15:  A2 vs D2
Match 16:  B2 vs C2
Match 17:  A1 vs D1
Match 18:  B1 vs C1
Match 19:  9th place
Match 20:  11th place
Match 21:  5th place
Match 22:  7th place
Match 23:  Championship (winners of match 17 and 18)
Match 24:  3rd place (losers of match 17 and 18)


Pool A:  Mead, Silver Creek, Sterling, Steamboat Springs
Pool B:  Classical Academy, Mountain View, Roosevelt, Greeley West

Schedule Pool A Pool B
9:30am Mead vs Sterling TCA vs Roosevelt
10:45am Silver Creek vs Steamboat Mountain View vs Greeley West
12:00pm Mead vs Steamboat TCA vs Greeley West
1:15pm Silver Creek vs Sterling Mountain View vs Roosevelt
2:30pm Sterling vs Steamboat Roosevelt vs Greeley West
3:45pm Mead vs Silver Creek TCA vs Mountain View
Championship Bracket
5:00pm A2 vs B2 A4 vs B4
6:30pm A1 vs B1 A3 vs B3



Pool A:  Fleming, Machebeuf, St Mary’s, Buena Vista, Goodland KS
Pool B:  Resurrection Christian, Manitou Springs, Lamar, Summit, Colorado Academy

Schedule Pool A Pool B
10:00am Machebeuf vs Goodland KS Manitou Springs vs Colorado Academy
11:00am Fleming vs Buena Vista Resurrection Christian vs Summit
12:00pm St Marys vs Goodland KS Lamar vs Colorado Academy
1:00pm Machebeuf vs Buena Vista Manitou Springs vs Summit
2:00pm Fleming vs St Mary’s Resurrection Christian vs Lamar
3:00pm Buena Vista vs Goodland KS Summit vs Colorado Academy
4:00pm Machebeuf vs St Mary’s Manitou Springs vs Lamar
5:00pm Fleming vs Goodland KS Resurrection Christian vs CO Academy
6:00pm Buena Vista vs Goodland KS Lamar vs Summit
7:00pm Fleming vs Machebeuf Resurrection Christian vs Manitou



Pool A:  Holyoke, Nucla, Dayspring Christian, Peetz
Pool B:  Caliche, Otis, Akron, Heritage Christian

Schedule Pool A Pool B
9:00am Holyoke vs Nucla Caliche vs Otis
10:00am Dayspring Christian vs Peetz Akron vs Heritage Christian
11:00am Holyoke vs Peetz Caliche vs Heritage Christian
12:00pm Dayspring Christian vs Nucla Otis vs Akron
1:00pm Nucla vs Peetz Otis vs Heritage Christian
2:00pm Holyoke vs Dayspring Christian Caliche vs Akron
Championship Bracket
3:00pm A3 vs B3 (5th) A4 vs B4 (7th)
4:00pm A1 vs B1 (Championship) A2 vs B2 (3rd)



Pool A:  Bennett, Calhan, Kiowa, Salida
Pool B:  Simla, Kennedy, Byers, Denver Science

Schedule Pool A
9:00am Bennett vs Calhan
10:00am Kiowa vs Salida
11:00am Bennett vs Salida
12:00pm Kiowa vs Calhan
1:00pm Calhan vs Salida
2:00pm Bennett vs Kiowa
Schedule Pool B
9:00am Simla vs Kennedy
10:00am Byers vs Denver Science
11:00am Simla vs Denver Science
12:00pm Byers vs Kennedy
1:00pm Denver Science vs Kennedy
2:00pm Simla vs Byers
Championship Bracket
3:15pm A2 vs B2 (3rd Place)
3:15pm A4 vs B4 (7th Place)
4:15pm A1 vs B1 (Championship)
4:15pm A3 vs B3 (5th Place)



Pool A:  Bethune, Genoa Hugo, Arickaree/Woodlin
Pool B:  Idalia, Cheyenne Wells, Cornerstone Christian

8:00am Bethune vs Genoa Hugo
9:00am Idalia vs Cheyenne Wells
10:00am Bethune vs Arickaree/Woodlin
11:00am Idalia vs Cornerstone Christian
12:00pm Genoa Hugo vs Arickaree/Woodlin
1:00pm Cheyenne Wells vs Cornerstone Christian
Championship Bracket
2:00pm A3 vs B3 (5th Place)
3:00pm A2 vs B2 (3rd Place)
4:00pm A1 vs B1 (Championship)