Class 1A RPI standings were updated at 9:20pm Saturday night so we have a better idea of how the regional pairings may end up next week.  These standings are not official and won’t be made so until Sunday morning but the final numbers will be used to seed regional brackets for next week.  Committees may move teams to avoid first round pairings of district opponents but otherwise RPI is suggested as the dominant factor.
The West Regional pits the #1 team from District 1 against the #2 team from District 8 and vice versa.  The games are set for Glenwood Springs next Saturday and winners of both will advance to the state tournament.
The Southeast Regional is set for Friday and Saturday at La Junta High School.  Winners from Friday advance to finals on Saturday with the three winners from that day moving forward to the state tournament.
The Northeast bracket has the same design with three winners from Saturday qualifying for the state event in Greeley.  Games will be played at Brush high school.
Here is a look at the pairings that we project at this point.  The original numbers are the seed based on RPI with the matchups to follow.

1A West Regional

  • North Park vs Cornerstone Christian
  • Belleview Christian vs Dove Creek


1A Southeast Regional

  1. Kit Carson
  2. Kim/Branson
  3. Antonito
  4. Holly
  5. Sangre De Cristo
  6. McClave
  7. Eads
  8. Sierra Grande
  9. South Baca


  • #4 Holly vs #9 South Baca — winner plays #3 Antonito
  • #5 Sangre De Cristo vs #8 Sierra Grande — winner plays #2 Kim/Branson
  • #6 McClave vs #7 Eads — winner plays #1 Kit Carson

NOTE:  RPI leaves us far from the official bracket as all three first round matchups are district tournament rematches which committees try to avoid.  Not exactly sure how the new pairings will appear but it will be difficult to take South Baca out of the ninth spot so we may see movement in spots 4-5-6 before 7-8-9.

1A Northeast Regional

  1. Fleming
  2. Briggsdale
  3. Heritage Christian
  4. Arickaree/Woodlin
  5. Flagler/Hi Plains
  6. Idalia
  7. Genoa Hugo
  8. Kiowa
  9. Elbert


  • #4 Arickaree/Woodlin vs #9 Elbert — winner plays #3 Heritage Christian
  • #5 Flagler/Hi Plains vs #8 Kiowa — winner plays #2 Briggsdale
  • #6 Idalia vs #7 Genoa Hugo — winner plays #1 Fleming

Note:  This could easily become the official bracket if the RPI standings remain intact.  Straight RPI avoids district pairings in round one so it may be a very easy seeding meeting.