With updated RPI standings from Saturday night, the 2A boys bracket is starting to take shape.  District champions have been crowned and those clubs will be seeded one through eight based on RPI standings.  Then again using RPI, teams are seeded nine through 32 to fill out the pairings.  Clubs in seeds nine through 24 are supposed to stay in place with those holding down the final seven seeds (25-32) possibly moved for travel considerations.  The committee will also likely move teams to avoid having teams from the same district or league pair up in the opening round.
We list the seed order below based on the most current RPI (Saturday at 9:20pm).  Please note these are not official pairings and only projected brackets from Colorado Preps.  RPI standings will be made official on Sunday and the pairings then released later in the day.
For our projections, we true seed the entire 32-team field with notes on where teams might be moved.  Please remember that the state tournament pairings will be reseeded once all eight teams qualify.

District Champions

  1. Crowley County
  2. Yuma
  3. Highland
  4. Byers
  5. Meeker
  6. Ignacio
  7. Ellicott
  8. Sanford

Teams Seeded 9-24

  1. Sedgwick County
  2. Calhan
  3. Limon
  4. Simla
  5. Vail Christian
  6. Del Norte
  7. Evangelical Christian
  8. Haxtun
  9. Fowler
  10. Dawson
  11. Paonia
  12. Clear Creek
  13. Rangely
  14. Hotchkiss
  15. Rocky Ford
  16. Akron

Teams Seeded 25-32 (can be moved for travel consideration)

  1. Sargent
  2. Mancos
  3. Union Colony Prep
  4. Denver Christian
  5. Telluride
  6. Front Range Christian
  7. Swallows Charter Academy
  8. Center


POTENTIAL REGIONAL PAIRINGS (highest seed hosts 4-team bracket)

Region One

#1 Crowley County vs #32 Center

#16 Haxtun vs #17 Fowler

Region Two

#2 Yuma vs #31 Swallows Charter Academy

#15 Evangelical Christian vs #18 Dawson

Region Three

#3 Highland vs #30 Front Range Christian

#14 Del Norte vs #19 Paonia

Region Four

#4 Byers vs #29 Telluride

#13 Vail Christian vs #20 Clear Creek

Region Five

#5 Meeker vs #28 Denver Christian

#12 Simla vs #21 Rangely

Region Six

#6 Ignacio vs #27 Union Colony Prep

#11 Limon vs #22 Hotchkiss

Region Seven

#7 Ellicott vs #26 Mancos

#10 Calhan vs #23 Rocky Ford

Region Eight

#8 Sanford vs #25 Sargent

#9 Sedgwick County vs #24 Akron

Notes:  We true seeded the bracket 1-32 under the current formula but with these pairings, changes could occur with the following matchups.  #25 Sargent will be moved away from Sanford and the Farmers could head to the Ignacio bracket.  Akron would also be moved to avoid a first-round pairing with league and district rival Sedgwick County.  They could easily exchange spots with Mancos who is 26th and would have a closer trip to Sanford compared to Ellicott.  We could also see Center being moved over the Ignacio bracket for travel considerations as well.  Several possibilities with teams sitting 25 through 32.