2A District Tournaments

Class 2A District tournament pairings are being released across the state and we’ll post the schedules as they become available.  You can send us your bracket by email to [email protected].  The top three teams from District 3 and the top five from District 5 advance to the regional tournament next week.  The remaining districts send their top four finishers into the next round.

Schedules will be updated daily with scores first posted in the GIRLS BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD.

Final scores can be reported to Colorado Preps by text to 970.380.7737 or by the email listed above.



Quarterfinals – Tuesday February 20th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #1 Del Norte beat #8 Crested Butte 52-4

FINAL:  #4 Custer County beat #5 Cripple Creek 41-26

FINAL:  #3 Sargent beat #6 Center 46-32

FINAL:  #2 Sanford beat #7 South Park 55-12

Semifinals – Thursday February 22nd (Monte Vista HS)

FINAL:  #1 Del Norte beat #4 Custer County 53-41

FINAL:  #2 Sanford beat #3 Sargent 29-25

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (Adams State University)

FINAL:  #1 Del Norte beat #2 Sanford (Championship) 43-37

FINAL:  #3 Sargent beat #4 Custer County (3rd) 55-37



Quarterfinals – Tuesday February 20th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #1 Yuma beat #8 Akron 64-37

FINAL:  #4 Haxtun beat #5 Merino 54-21

FINAL:  #2 Wray beat #7 Sedgwick County 73-33

FINAL:  #3 Holyoke beat #6 Wiggins 28-14

Semifinals – Friday September 23rd (Northeastern Junior College)

FINAL:  #1 Yuma beat #4 Haxtun 43-25

FINAL:  #2 Wray beat #3 Holyoke 41-38

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (Northeastern Junior College)

FINAL:  #1 Yuma beat #2 Wray (Championship) 42-25

FINAL:  #4 Haxtun beat #3 Holyoke (3rd) 44-42



Pigtails – Tuesday February 20th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #3 Norwood beat #6 Ridgway 55-33

FINAL:  #4 Telluride beat #5 Mancos 40-14

Semifinals – Friday September 23rd (Montezuma Cortez HS)

FINAL:  #1 Ignacio beat #4 Telluride 36-18

FINAL:  #2 Dolores beat #3 Norwood 45-32

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (Montezuma Cortez HS)

FINAL:  #1 Ignacio beat #2 Dolores 46-11 (Championship)

FINAL:  #3 Norwood beat #4 Telluride (3rd) 55-44



Pigtail – Monday February 19th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  Nederland beat Lotus School 41-15

Quarterfinals – Tuesday February 20th (higher seed hosts)

#1 Limon – BYE

FINAL:  #4 Byers beat #5 Front Range Christian 52-19

FINAL:  #3 Burlington beat #6 Nederland 61-23

#2 Denver Christian – BYE

Semifinals – Thursday February 22nd (Vista Peak HS)

FINAL:  #1 Limon beat #4 Byers 64-49

FINAL:  #2 Denver Christian beat #3 Burlington 41-40

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (Vista Peak HS)

FINAL:  #1 Limon beat #2 Denver Christian (Championship) 43-35

FINAL:  #3 Burlington beat #4 Byers (3rd) 51-29



Pigtail – Monday February 19th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #9 Hayden beat #8 Plateau Valley 40-39

FINAL:  #7 West Grand beat #10 Caprock Academy 57-19

Quarterfinals – Wednesday February 21st (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #1 Meeker beat #9 Hayden 66-25

FINAL:  #4 Vail Christian beat #5 Paonia 44-37

FINAL:  #2 Soroco beat #7 West Grand 51-37

FINAL:  #3 Rangely beat #6 Hotchkiss 58-42

Consolation Semifinals – Thursday February 22nd (DeBeque HS)

FINAL:  #5 Paonia beat #9 Hayden 38-17

FINAL:  #6 Hotchkiss beat #7 West Grand 52-41

Semifinals – Friday February 23rd (DeBeque HS)

FINAL:  #1 Meeker beat #4 Vail Christian 53-42

FINAL:  #3 Rangely beat #2 Soroco 50-40

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (DeBeque HS)

FINAL:  #3 Rangely beat #1 Meeker  (Championship) 52-51

FINAL:  #2 Soroco beat #4 Vail Christian (3rd) 42-40

FINAL:  #5 Paonia beat #6 Hotchkiss (5th) 46-44



Pigtail Round – Thursday February 15th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #5 Crowley County beat #8 Swallows Charter 61-27

FINAL:  #6 Hoehne beat #7 John Mall 46-42

Quarterfinals – Tuesday February 20th (higher seed hosts)

#1 Swink – BYE

FINAL:  #4 Las Animas beat #5 Crowley County 51-48

FINAL:  #6 Hoehne beat #3 Rocky Ford 45-36

#2 Fowler – BYE

Semifinals – Thursday February 22nd (Otero Community College – La Junta)

FINAL:  #1 Swink beat #4 Las Animas 67-18

FINAL:  #2 Fowler beat #6 Hoehne 44-30

Championship Round – Friday February 23rd (Otero Community College – La Junta)

FINAL: #1 Swink beat #2 Fowler (Championship) 36-23

FINAL: #6 Hoehne beat #4 Las Animas (3rd) 50-38



Pigtail Round – Monday February 19th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #5 Dawson beat #8 Twin Peaks Charter 57-20

FINAL:  #7 Gilpin County beat #6 Union Colony Prep 31-27

Quarterfinals – Wednesday February 21st (higher seed hosts)

#1 Highland – BYE

FINAL:  #4 Dayspring Christian beat #5 Dawson 49-18

FINAL:  #3 Clear Creek beat #6 Gilpin County 48-26

#2 Lyons – BYE

Semifinals – Friday February 23rd (Frederick HS)

FINAL:  #4 Dayspring Christian beat #1 Highland 45-39

FINAL:  #3 Clear Creek beat #2 Lyons 37-30

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (Frederick HS)

FINAL: #3 Clear Creek beat #4 Dayspring Christian (Championship) 65-41

FINAL: #1 Highland beat #2 Lyons (3rd) 54-32



Pigtail Round – Monday February 19th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #8 Dolores Huerta beat #9 Miami Yoder 65-16

Quarterfinals – Tuesday February 20th (higher seed hosts)

FINAL:  #1 Simla beat #8 Dolores Huerta 63-18

FINAL:  #4 Colorado Springs School beat #5 Peyton 44-32

FINAL:  #3 Calhan beat #6 Evangelical Christian 51-37

FINAL:  #2 Ellicott beat #7 Fountain Valley 64-25

Semifinals – Friday February 23rd (Colorado Springs Auditorium)

FINAL:  #1 Simla beat #4 Colorado Springs School 45-37

FINAL:  #2 Ellicott beat #3 Calhan 52-36

Championship Round – Saturday February 24th (Colorado Springs Auditorium)

FINAL: #1 Simla beat #2 Ellicott (Championship) 45-29

FINAL: #3 Calhan beat #4 Colorado Springs School (3rd) 50-43

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer

Kevin Shaffer is the founder and owner of the Colorado Preps Network which debuted in the summer of 2003. Kevin and his wife Lanette reside in Fort Morgan and are the proud parents of Lexi and Tyler.


  1. Hi Kevin, I think maybe about a year ago you did an article on how RPI is caluculated; (¼ × WP) + (½ × OWP) + (¼ × OOWP) interesting. And you speculated on different formulas for basketball. I would enjoy your updated thoughts on the pros and cons of the present forumla as compared to the pros and cons of a different formula egs 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 or something else. What do you think?

    • Donn:

      I think the formula now is 25-50-25 concerning winning percentage, opponents winning percentage and then opponents opponents winning percentage. CHSAA this week approved moving to a 30-40-30 formula in all sports starting next year. I would prefer they reduce the third number or eliminate all-together because the opponents opponents winning percentage is something outside the coaches/schools control. A school can somewhat control their own schedule and try to find games against high level opponents but they cannot control what their opponents schedule. As I’ve mentioned before, I would also like to see a second run through of RPI. Run the normal percentages and once the list is generated run a second system where teams get bonus points for beating someone ahead of them and/or lose points for losing to a team below them in the rankings. Something along that line – I think we just need to find a way to put head-to-head into the picture in some fashion. There are several instances already in the post-season where one team beat another – sometimes twice – and was seeded below that opponent. Heritage Christian and Longmont Christian boys come to mind in 1A – Rock Canyon was also the top overall seed in 5A boys even though they finished third in their conference. The Continental is a very good league and Rock Canyon is easily deserving of a top five or maybe even top three overall seed but number one and ahead of ThunderRidge and Chaparral I don’t think is correct.

      One other note from CHSAA – there is also discussions underway is using RPI to determine playoff qualifiers but then using a committee to seed those teams. That I think is a good move as then head-to-head could come into play during those discussions.

      Like every other system out there – there is good and bad with RPI. I do like the fact that we’re not afraid to look at it and make changes to the system.

      • Kevin,
        Thanks for your helpful comments. I appreciate your attention to common sense and fairness. I also noted what it looks like in some districts, is that because of the # of teams in their district, higher ranked teams are required to play a lower ranked team. As in 1 vs.8 and since 8 has usually lower winning percentage,that it looks #1 takes a ding on their RPI. Incontrast to other districts that #1 does not need to play a #8 and isn’t affected as much. But I am not sure of that.
        Again thanks for your comments,

        • some districts have intentionally given their top two teams byes into the semifinals for that very reason – to avoid the ding to the RPI – I think it’s something all districts should look at as it will help the respective league’s top teams in regional seeding.

          • Makes sense to me. And for teams that may have had a long loosing season, it might make their last game of the season and maybe their basketball career at least a somewhat competitive game rather than a blowout noncompetetive loss.
            I know that the last game for every team except one is a loss. -But these kids give so much of their heart and time to these sports and I think we need to do the best we can to treat them all right.

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