With updated RPI standings from Saturday night, the 2A girls’ bracket is starting to take shape.  District champions have been crowned and those clubs will be seeded one through eight based on RPI standings.  Then again using RPI, teams are seeded nine through 32 to fill out the pairings.  Clubs in seeds nine through 24 are supposed to stay in place with those holding down the final seven seeds (25-32) possibly moved for travel considerations.  The committee will also likely move teams to avoid having teams from the same district or league pair up in the opening round.
We list the seed order below based on the most current RPI (Saturday at 9:20pm).  Please note these are not official pairings and only projected brackets from Colorado Preps.  RPI standings will be made official on Sunday and the pairings then released later in the day.
For our projections, we true seed the entire 32-team field with notes on where teams might be moved.  Please remember that the state tournament pairings will be reseeded once all eight teams qualify.

District Champions

  1. Yuma
  2. Simla
  3. Limon
  4. Rangely
  5. Swink
  6. Del Norte
  7. Clear Creek
  8. Ignacio

Teams Seeded 9-24

  1. Denver Christian
  2. Meeker
  3. Holyoke
  4. Wray
  5. Calhan
  6. Soroco
  7. Highland
  8. Haxtun
  9. Ellicott
  10. Fowler
  11. Burlington
  12. Colorado Springs School
  13. Dayspring Christian
  14. Vail Christian
  15. Paonia
  16. Lyons

Teams Seeded 25-32 (can be moved for travel consideration)

  1. Sanford
  2. Custer County
  3. Sargent
  4. Byers
  5. Las Animas
  6. Hoehne
  7. Dolores
  8. Norwood



Region One

#1 Yuma vs #32 Norwood

#16 Haxtun vs #17 Ellicott

Region Two

#2 Simla vs #31 Dolores

#15 Highland vs #18 Fowler

Region Three

#3 Limon vs #30 Hoehne

#14 Soroco vs #19 Burlington

Region Four

#4 Rangely vs #29 Las Animas

#13 Calhan vs #20 Colorado Springs School

Region Five

#5 Swink vs #28 Byers

#12 Wray vs #21 Dayspring Christian

Region Six

#6 Del Norte vs #27 Sargent

#11 Holyoke vs #22 Vail Christian

Region Seven

#7 Clear Creek vs #26 Custer County

#10 Meeker vs #23 Paonia

Region Eight

#8 Ignacio vs #25 Sanford

#9 Denver Christian vs #24 Lyons

Notes:  We can see movement involving Las Animas and either Dolores or Norwood. Las Animas is 29th and pitted for a trip to Rangely but the committee likely sends Norwood there and moves the Trojans to the Simla bracket.  Dolores could be swapped with Sargent sending Dolores to Del Norte and Sargent over to Simla.  The Farmers are currently paired with league rival Del Norte so the committee should move them.  Otherwise the bracket looks to be in great shape using straight RPI following the district champions.