New RPI numbers for Class 1A Football have been published this morning and they include results from Friday.  Using the current standings, we can start to look at how the playoff bracket may appear come Sunday morning.  That’s when CHSAA will announce official RPI numbers and post the pairings.
Please note there are three more games on the 1A schedule for Saturday and results will impact the final RPI standings.  Clear Creek is the only team that will make the playoffs on the gridiron and they currently sit fifth in RPI.


Posted before games open on Saturday

  1. Bennett
  2. Meeker
  3. Centauri
  4. Strasburg
  5. Clear Creek
  6. Limon
  7. Burlington
  8. Paonia
  9. Crowley County
  10. Peyton
  11. Platte Canyon
  12. Monte Vista
  13. Highland
  14. Cornerstone Christian
  15. Wray
  16. Hotchkiss
  17. Colorado Springs Christian
  18. Cedaredge
  19. Olathe
  20. Buena Vista



Teams play at home in round one regardless of RPI standing

  1. Bennett
  2. Meeker
  3. Centauri
  4. Strasburg
  5. Burlington
  6. Crowley County
  7. Peyton



#1 Bennett #16 Wray
#8 Peyton vs #9 Limon
#4 Strasburg vs #13 Monte Vista
#5 Clear Creek vs #12 Highland
#3 Centauri vs #14 Hotchkiss
#6 Burlington vs #11 Platte Canyon
#7 Crowley County vs #10 Paonia
#2 Meeker vs #15 Cornerstone Christian
NOTES:  The bracket lays out very nicely if the committee decides to go straight RPI.  Bennett, Meeker, Centauri and Strasburg have been strong the entire season and finished the season 1-4 in the standings.  They’re also the conference champions and we believe the committee will keep them in the same order.  Then Clear Creek jumps into the top five as the highest rated team that did not win a league title.  Following them are three more conference champions in order by RPI; Burlington, Crowley County and Peyton.
Positions nine through 11 are in good shape for pairings and travel considerations but we believe the movement will start at #12.  We exchange Monte Vista and Highland in the pairings to avoid a conference pairing between Strasburg and Highland in round one.  We also move around Cornerstone Christian, Wray and Hotchkiss for travel purposes in the opening round.