State tournament pairings for Class 3A girls’ basketball will be released later today but with RPI standings updated Sunday morning, we can get a very good look at the brackets ahead of the official release.
A new addition to the bracketing this year is that district champions must finish in the top 16 of RPI to earn a host site in the first two rounds.  This new guideline affects both Academy and Weld Central.  The Wildcats won the Frontier title but are 23rd in RPI.  The Rebels captured the Confluence crown but are 26th in the standings this morning.  Other league champions, Kent Denver, Pagosa Springs, Colorado Springs Christian, Sterling and Moffat County are easily in the top 16.
Here’s a look at our projected brackets.  We true seed based on RPI but note that teams sitting in spots 25-32 could be moved for travel purposes.  Teams may also be adjusted up or down in seeding to avoid league matchups in the opening round.
This bracket will NOT be reseeded following regionals as it will play out to the state championship game on March 10th in Denver.

Seed Order

  1. Kent Denver
  2. Pagosa Springs
  3. St Mary’s
  4. Colorado Springs Christian
  5. Centauri
  6. Cedaredge
  7. Sterling
  8. Moffat County
  9. Lutheran
  10. Lamar
  11. Jefferson Academy
  12. Manitou Springs
  13. Eaton
  14. Colorado Academy
  15. Grand Valley
  16. Resurrection Christian
  17. Delta
  18. University
  19. Salida
  20. St Mary’s Academy
  21. Faith Christian
  22. Alamosa
  23. Vanguard
  24. Academy
  25. Machebeuf
  26. Weld Central
  27. Stargate
  28. Liberty Common
  29. Brush
  30. Roaring Fork
  31. Middle Park
  32. Eagle Ridge Academy

And our projected bracket which is completely UNOFFICIAL

#1 Kent Denver vs #32 Eagle Ridge Academy #8 Moffat County vs #25 Machebeuf
#16 Resurrection Christian vs #17 Delta #9 Lutheran vs #24 Academy
#4 Colorado Springs Christian vs #29 Brush #5 Centauri vs #28 Liberty Common
#13 Eaton vs #20 St Mary’s Academy #12 Manitou Springs vs #21 Faith Christian
#3 St Mary’s vs #30 Roaring Fork #6 Cedaredge vs #27 Stargate
#14 Colorado Academy vs #19 Salida #11 Jefferson Academy vs #22 Alamosa
#2 Pagosa Springs vs #31 Middle Park #7 Sterling vs #26 Weld Central
#15 Grand Valley vs #18 University #10 Lamar vs #23 Vanguard

State Quarterfinals — March 8th
Region #1 Champion vs Region #8 Champion
Region #4 Champion vs Region #5 Champion
Region #3 Champion vs Region #6 Champion
Region #2 Champion vs Region #6 Champion
NOTES:  Middle Park and Eagle Ridge Academy are 34th and 36th in RPI in the latest standings but move into the bracket as top two finishers in their respective district tournaments.  That move bumps Florence and Bennett from the 32-team field. Overall the bracket could remain intact as the first round is void of conference/district pairings and travel does not seem to be a major factor any of the eight regionals.