Regional tournaments are set for this weekend and Tim Yount with ON THE MAT has released a fresh set of wrestling rankings just before matches open.  Below are the top 10 teams and top four wrestlers in each weight division for Classes 4A and 5A.
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  1. Pueblo County
  2. Windsor
  3. Pueblo East
  4. Greeley Central
  5. Mesa Ridge
  6. Thompson Valley
  7. Canon City
  8. Discovery Canyon
  9. Cheyenne Mountain
  10. Mountain View

ON THE MAT NOTES:  Pueblo County remains the team to beat as the Cyclones, according to Tim Yount, is projected for an 11-point win over Windsor at the state tournament.  Pueblo East is projected for another 11 points back of Windsor in the race for second.  Greeley Central seems to be a very solid pick at #4 with the next four spots very tight.

  1. Brendon Garcia, Pueblo County
  2. Jacob Gonzales, Pueblo Centennial
  3. Jett Strickenberger, Discovery Canyon
  4. Bobby Macias, Thomas Jefferson


  1. Will Vombaur, Windsor
  2. Andrew Lucero, Pueblo East
  3. Airiel Siegel, Thompson Valley
  4. Tanner Hunt, Lewis Palmer


  1. Vance Vombaur, Windsor
  2. Josiah Nava, Pueblo County
  3. Jace Trujillo, Pueblo East
  4. Patrick Allis, Discovery Canyon


  1. Dominick Serrano, Windsor
  2. Josh Nira, Greeley Central
  3. Nathan Bonham, Pueblo County
  4. Ryan Roth, Pueblo East


  1. Jason Hanenberg, Air Academy
  2. Aaden Valdez, Pueblo East
  3. Andres Martinez, Grand Junction Central
  4. Jeremy Ashton, Mead


  1. Jaxon Garoutte, Pueblo County
  2. Zeke Alirez, Greeley Central
  3. Erik Contreras, Mountain View
  4. Mike McFadden, Cheyenne Mountain


  1. Andrew Alirez, Greeley Central
  2. Zac Hanenberg, Canon City
  3. Cole Hernandez, Pueblo Centennial
  4. Kevin Hooks, Cheyenne Mountain


  1. Elijah Valdez, Mesa Ridge
  2. Tony Ulaszek, Greeley Central
  3. Christopher Fasano, Pueblo County
  4. Miles Beam, Roosevelt


  1. Drake Engelking, Longmont
  2. Hunter Williams, Thompson Valley
  3. Marcus Martinez, Pueblo South
  4. Payton Polson, Valor Christian


  1. Isaiah Salazar, Windsor
  2. Jayson Davis, Pueblo County
  3. Jake Welch, Valor Christian
  4. Amos Wilson, Glenwood Springs

Garrett Niel, Pine Creek182lbs

  1. Terrance Williams, Palisade
  2. Zion Freeman, Pueblo East
  3. Matthew Dunkelman, Thompson Valley


  1. Dylan McBride, Fort Morgan
  2. Braden Barker, Mountain View
  3. Jayden Smith, Vista Peak
  4. Cian Quiroga, Cheyenne Mountain


  1. Dominick Fini, Mesa Ridge
  2. Deonte Bridges, Cheyenne Mountain
  3. Dante Garcia, Pueblo County
  4. Dominic Robles, Pueblo East


  1. Andy Garcia, Pueblo East
  2. Michael True, Mesa Ridge
  3. Jacob Williams, Silver Creek
  4. Victor Bravo, Windsor


  1. Pomona
  2. Grand Junction
  3. Poudre
  4. Broomfield
  5. Ponderosa
  6. Castle View
  7. Adams City
  8. Brighton
  9. Monarch
  10. Grandview

ON THE MAT NOTES:  If Tim’s projections are correct, the team race may come down to the final few matches as Pomona has a very narrow half-point lead on Grand Junction at this point.  Poudre is projected for 16 points back of the two state championship contenders.

  1. Vince Cornella, Monarch
  2. Wyatt Yapoujian, Pomona
  3. Max Black, Douglas County
  4. Kenny Sailas, Brighton


  1. Dawson Collins, Grand Junction
  2. Adrian Marquez, Castle View
  3. Presley Madril, Broomfield
  4. Alex Santillan, Grandview


  1. Malik Heinselman, Castle View
  2. Justin Pacheco, Pomona
  3. Noah Vigil, Northglenn
  4. Giovanni Federico, Grandview


  1. Fabian Santillan, Grandview
  2. Nick Gonzales, Adams City
  3. Alex Alvarez, Poudre
  4. Angel Flores, Coronado


  1. Theorius Robison, Pomona
  2. Job Greenwood, Poudre
  3. Darren Green, Broomfield
  4. Dayton Marvel, Arvada West


  1. Colton Yapoujian, Pomona
  2. Brody Lamb, Poudre
  3. Cole Polluconi, Monarch
  4. Maverick Keigher, Doherty


  1. Jacob Greenwood, Poudre
  2. Dylan Martinez, Grand Junction
  3. KJ Kearns, Coronado
  4. Tony Llamido, Doherty


  1. Josiah Rider, Grand Junction
  2. Gavin Deaguero, Adams City
  3. Parker McQuade, Monarch
  4. Franklin Cruz, Pomona


  1. Gabriel Dinette, Lakewood
  2. Preston Renner, Broomfield
  3. Nathan Baca, Brighton
  4. Josh Betts, Rocky Mountain


  1. Parker Benekas, Ponderosa
  2. Christian Rowell, Adams City
  3. Aidan Funk, Legacy
  4. Tarron Adams, Brighton


  1. Tate Samuelson, Castle View
  2. Seth Latham, Grand Junction
  3. Drew Worthley, Broomfield
  4. Drian Hays, Legacy


  1. Jayden Woodruff, Ponderosa
  2. Keegan Bailey, Fruita
  3. Kaelin Chin, Overland
  4. Cole Yung, Poudre


  1. Mason Watt, Broomfield
  2. Hunter Tobiasson, Grand Junction
  3. Micah Smith, Douglas County
  4. Doug Mills, Pomona


  1. Cohlton Schultz, Ponderosa
  2. Hayden Still, Lakewood
  3. Jon Engle, Fort Collins
  4. Weston Mayer, Poudre