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First RPI football standings of the season have been posted by CHSAA.  The standings will change quite a bit over the next few weeks as more games take place but here are early results for six-man football up to Class 2A.  We list the top 20 in each division.

The role of RPI is changing a bit when it comes to the post-season.  League champions earn automatic playoff berths and the remaining spots are still determined by RPI points.  But then a seeding committee will take the 16 teams in each playoff bracket and place them in bracket with RPI one of many factors involved.

We highly advise not taking these rankings too seriously.  In the past, CHSAA has not released any standings until mid-season and the formula is designed to be more accurate when more games are played.  Once we hit the fifth, sixth and seventh week of the season, the standings should become accurate.



  1. Flagler/Hi Plains
  2. Stratton/Liberty
  3. Cheyenne Wells
  4. Prairie
  5. Kit Carson
  6. Otis
  7. Weldon Valley
  8. Hanover
  9. Edison
  10. Walsh
  11. Idalia
  12. Cotopaxi
  13. Genoa Hugo
  14. Manzanola
  15. Briggsdale
  16. Colorado D&B
  17. La Veta
  18. Arickaree/Woodlin
  19. Deer Trail
  20. Peetz


  1. Sargent
  2. Sanford
  3. Fowler
  4. Custer County
  5. Mancos
  6. Rangely
  7. Byers
  8. Sedgwick County
  9. Simla
  10. Merino
  11. Akron
  12. Springfield
  13. Dove Creek
  14. Norwood
  15. Las Animas
  16. Soroco
  17. Caliche
  18. Calhan
  19. McClave
  20. Hayden


  1. Buena Vista
  2. Limon
  3. Peyton
  4. Strasburg
  5. Olathe
  6. St Mary’s
  7. Cedaredge
  8. Crowley County
  9. Highland
  10. Meeker
  11. Colorado Springs Christian
  12. Yuma
  13. Holyoke
  14. Burlington
  15. Platte Canyon
  16. Grand Valley
  17. Florence
  18. Estes Park
  19. Jefferson
  20. Centauri


  1. Basalt
  2. Bayfield
  3. Salida
  4. Aspen
  5. Eaton
  6. Rifle
  7. La Junta
  8. Academy
  9. Manitou Springs
  10. Platte Valley
  11. Middle Park
  12. Resurrection Christian
  13. Moffat County
  14. Kent Denver
  15. Pagosa Springs
  16. Berthoud
  17. Bennett
  18. Delta
  19. Denver West
  20. Lamar


Complete Standings for all classes can be seen here.

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