In many ways, the Mel Smith wrestling invitational at Florence high school was like a mini-state tournament as nine ranked teams were in the field including seven from Class 3A.  The event wrapped up Saturday night with Centauri, the top ranked team in Class 2A, taking the championship.  Team and individual results are below.



  1. Centauri – 171.0
  2. Alamosa – 140.5
  3. Eaton – 135.5
  4. Mullen – 130.5
  5. Buena Vista – 129.0
  6. Platte Valley – 123.0
  7. Valley – 103.0
  8. Canon City – 96.5
  9. Brush – 91.0
  10. Florence – 84.0
  11. Gunnison – 82.5
  12. Bennett – 81.5
  13. Weld Central – 79.0
  14. Pagosa Springs – 76.0
  15. Woodland Park – 72.5


1061st Place – Dale O’Blia of Mullen

2nd Place – Elijah Montalvan of La Junta

3rd Place – Isaiah Sisneros of Lakewood

4th Place – Dyson Woodward of Alamosa

5th Place – Dawsen Drozdik of Delta

6th Place – Jullian Marquez of Platte Valley



1st Place – Dempsey Gibbs of Alamosa

2nd Place – Nick Dardanes of Brush

3rd Place – Caleb Camp of Buena Vista

4th Place – Gilbert Antillon of Mullen

5th Place – Brock Fry of Gunnison

6th Place – Aden Young of Sterling



1st Place – Roberto Estrada of Weld Central

2nd Place – Mario Valdez of Centauri

3rd Place – Dario Valdez of Alamosa

4th Place – Devin Gomez of Gunnison

5th Place – Chris Hutchings of Buena Vista

6th Place – Elijah Griego of Lakewood



1st Place – Royce Uhrig of Gunnison

2nd Place – John Faczak of Bennett

3rd Place – Jackson Helmke of Buena Vista

4th Place – Damian Lopez of Monte Vista

5th Place – Christian Corral of Valley

6th Place – Adrian Marquez of Platte Valley



1st Place – Alex Castaneda of Eaton

2nd Place – Noah Linares of Mullen

3rd Place – Carson Hawkins of Bennett

4th Place – Trevor Maestas of Alamosa

5th Place – Cass Cure of Platte Valley

6th Place – Griffin Bower of Pagosa Springs



1st Place – Brady Hankin of Woodland Park

2nd Place – Ezavian Ortega of Canon City

3rd Place – Brandon Boehm of Florence

4th Place – Nick Meesey of University

5th Place – DeAngelo Archuleta of Monte Vista

6th Place – John Jordan of Bennett



1st Place – Jonathan Malovich of Platte Valley

2nd Place – Wil Moneypenny of Berthoud

3rd Place – David Arellano of Buena Vista

4th Place – Kyler Liddell of Alamosa

5th Place – Miles Harris of Gunnison

6th Place – Jackson Tribbett of Eaton



1st Place – Eyan Chavez of Centauri

2nd Place – Collin Brown of Valley

3rd Place – Casteus Combs of Sterling

4th Place – Paxton Daggett of University

5th Place – Jacob Kennedy of Florence

6th Place – Deegan Barnes of Bayfield



1st Place – Mark Troni of Mullen

2nd Place – Josh Polkowske of Centauri

3rd Place – Wesley Dubois of Bennett

4th Place – Orrin Jackson of Platte Valley

5th Place – Chris Deluca of Buena Vista

6th Place – Tanner Coble of Berthoud



1st Place – Ryan Dirksen of Eaton

2nd Place – Kaleb Valdez-Lemos of Mullen

3rd Place – Drew Johnson of Salida

4th Place – Erik Mestas of Centauri

5th Place – Gage Olson of James Irwin

6th Place – Kobe Prior of Bayfield



1st Place – Zach Buhr of Centauri

2nd Place – Seth Moss of Buena Vista

3rd Place – elisiah garner of Woodland Park

4th Place – Gabriel Renn of Canon City

5th Place – Jose Velador of La Junta

6th Place – Jackson Morales of Sterling



1st Place – Remington Peterson of Rye

2nd Place – Chris Hinds of The Classical Academy

3rd Place – Wil Aucoin of Pagosa Springs

4th Place – adam garner of Woodland Park

5th Place – Zayne Stam of Weld Central

6th Place – Byron Shawcroft of Centauri



1st Place – Jake Hustoles of James Irwin

2nd Place – Dominick Ontiveros of Brush

3rd Place – Ryder True of Eaton

4th Place – Gus Butler of Delta

5th Place – Kaden McKee of Pagosa Springs

6th Place – Jacob Watson of Canon City



1st Place – Aidan Trujillo of Valley

2nd Place – Lane Weimer of Platte Valley

3rd Place – Kane Fobare of Weld Central

4th Place – Terry Lindh of Manitou Springs

5th Place – Andrew Martinez of Lakewood

6th Place – Jordan Cundiff of Bayfield