The girls wrestling season has arrived and with it has arrived the preseason rankings courtesy of Tom Blair at InsideCoWrestling. He and On the Mat have partnered with Colorado Preps to release partial rankings on a weekly basis.

To start the season, Pomona takes the top spot in the team rankings while several high placers fill out top spots in the individual weight classes. The season gets into full swing this week.

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Girls wrestling top 10

  1. Pomona
  2. Chatfield
  3. Discovery Canyon
  4. Grand Junction Central
  5. Loveland
  6. Olathe
  7. Douglas County
  8. Fort Lupton
  9. Canon City
  10. Vista Ridge

Individual Rankings


  1. Katey Valdez, Doherty
  2. Phoebe Gutierrez, Adams City
  3. Piper Montoya, Canon City


  1. Eyvori Jaquez, Fountain-Fort Carson
  2. Rylee Balcazar, Fort Lupton
  3. Marie Jordan, Bennett


  1. Katelyn Faczak, Bennett
  2. Jessica Farmer, Coronado
  3. Kiahna Spellman, Brighton


  1. Isabella Cross, Mesa Ridge
  2. Lindsey Lopez, Loveland
  3. Alora Martinez, Pomona


  1. Mia Hargrove, Discovery Canyon
  2. Lexie Lopez, Loveland
  3. Hayden Newberg, Vista Ridge


  1. Alexis Segura, Regis Jesuit
  2. Amaya Hinojosa, Widefield
  3. Isabella Ciotti, Arvada


  1. Persaeus Gomez, Pomona
  2. Kate Doughty, Canon City
  3. Abby Reeves, Manitou Springs


  1. Timberly Martinez, Pomona
  2. Adrianna Lopez, Discovery Canyon
  3. Cadie Percy, Severance


  1. Ashley Booth, Mead
  2. Kacey Walck, North Fork
  3. Rya Burke, Grand Junction


  1. Ryen Hickey, Chatfield
  2. Sierra Moskalski, Loveland
  3. Mollie Dare, Grand Junction


  1. Desza Munson, Pomona
  2. Aby England, Olathe
  3. Shylee Tuzon, Grand Junction Central


  1. Alison Evans, Doherty
  2. Sicily Frates, Pomona
  3. Laylah Casto, Grand Junction


  1. Elizabeth Sandy, Douglas County
  2. Ozioma Ogu, Mountain Vista
  3. Eryz Bonomo, Poudre


  1. Ciara Monger, Calhan
  2. Lynessia Duran, Olathe
  3. Alejandra Alfaro, Pomona