The 55th annual Bob Smith Wrestling Classic in Wray wrapped up on Saturday.  Below are the top 10 in team scoring and individual results for each class.  Results are provided by Track Wrestling.

1. Wray 232.0
2. St Francis KS 110.0
3. Sedgwick County/Fleming 103.5
4. Holyoke 102.0
5. Yuma 81.0
6. Akron 76.0
7. Limon 65.0
8. Merino 63.5
9. Wray JV 63.0
10. Brewster KS 20.0

1st Place – Cole Rockwell of Wray
2nd Place – Marco Martinez of Sedgwick County/Fleming
3rd Place – Kellen Kappel of Limon
4th Place – Jessica Mosqueda of Holyoke
1st Place – Cade Rockwell of Wray
2nd Place – Isaiah Martinez of Sedgwick County/Fleming
3rd Place – Alec Holtorf of Yuma
4th Place – Anthony Rojo of Holyoke
1st Place – Matthew Frank of Merino
2nd Place – Garin Cooper of St. Francis
3rd Place – Dakota Ferguson of Sedgwick County/Fleming
4th Place – Joey Ross of Yuma X
1st Place – Blaze Brophy of Yuma
2nd Place – Dillon Schmidt of Wray X
3rd Place – Kace Fix of Wray
4th Place – Remington Hielscher of Holyoke
1st Place – Tiernan Poling of St. Francis
2nd Place – Seth Dorrenbacher of Akron
3rd Place – Junior Arambula of Wray
4th Place – Bradyn Tacha of Limon
1st Place – Gianni Trejo of Yuma
2nd Place – Jesus Trejo of Holyoke
3rd Place – Jaron Carpenter of Limon
4th Place – Elvis Guy of Akron
1st Place — Woody Aguilar – Limon
2nd Place – Remington Canfield of Merino
3rd Place – Justin Traxler of Akron
4th Place – Luis Chafino of Holyoke
1st Place – Kobryn Mann of Sedgwick County/Fleming
2nd Place – Derek Saffer of Wray
3rd Place – Deacon Dittmer of Holyoke
4th Place – CJ Caton of Limon
5th Place – Florain Hintz of Brewster
1st Place – Cade Hillman of Wray
2nd Place – Trent Elliott of Merino
3rd Place – Carson Reese of Akron
4th Place – Wyatt Buccelli of Sedgwick County/Fleming
1st Place – Emmanuel Huerta of Wray
2nd Place – Derrick Poss of Akron
3rd Place – Shadyron Blanka of St. Francis
4th Place – Ty Hardesty of Wray X
1st Place – Carlos Tarin of Wray
2nd Place – Fabian Lopez of Sedgwick County/Fleming
3rd Place – Carson Berghuis of Wray X
4th Place – Andy Lopez of Holyoke
1st Place – Luin Norris of St. Francis
2nd Place – Antony Martinez of Holyoke
3rd Place – Jayce Reser of Wray
4th Place – Cayden Lynch of Yuma
1st Place – Trayton Doyle of St. Francis
2nd Place – Jose Molina of Wray
3rd Place – Wryle Swim of Byers
4th Place – Angel Rangel of Wray X
1st Place – Jeron Lippert of Wray
2nd Place – Zack Johnson of Brewster
3rd Place – Shawn Bailey of Sedgwick County/Fleming
4th Place – Paul Ford of Littleton