John Mall high school served as host for the annual Pete and Ina Gomez Wrestling Invitational on Saturday.  Below are the top 10 in team scoring and individual results for each class.  Results are provided by Track Wrestling.

1. Lamar 225.0
2. Fowler 184.5
3. John Mall 146.0
4. Trinidad 139.5
5. Pueblo County JV 90.0
6. Woodland Park 89.0
7. Crowley County 77.0
8. Centauri 68.0
9. Del Norte 62.0
10. Swink 58.5

1st Place – Alberto Felthager of Trinidad
2nd Place – Dominique Soffel of Centauri
3rd Place – Max Salazar of Sanford
4th Place – Michael Romero of Swink
5th Place – Fernando Salazar of Fowler
6th Place – Dale VanMatre of John Mall
1st Place – Seth McFall of Fowler
2nd Place – Jose Garcia of Dolores Huerta
3rd Place – Travis Vialpando of John Mall
4th Place – Riley Prichard of Rye
5th Place – Justin Condit of Colorado Springs Christian School
6th Place – Guillermo Felthager of Trinidad
1st Place – Ethan Andrade of Lamar
2nd Place – Michael Atencio of Rye
3rd Place – Alejandro Velasquez of Sierra Grande/Centennial
4th Place – Rhette Quackenbush of Dove Creek
5th Place – Josh Atencio of Pueblo Central
6th Place – Dalton Wommack of Custer County
1st Place – Zane Rankin of Lamar
2nd Place – Dylan Armijo of Trinidad
3rd Place – Colton Sims of Rye
4th Place – Jimmy Gonzales of Pueblo Central
5th Place – Colton Simonis of Woodland Park
6th Place – Tyler Camper of Custer County
1st Place – Wesley VanMatre of John Mall
2nd Place – Adam Nolte of Swink
3rd Place – Brett Benavides of Del Norte
4th Place – Jose Serrano of Lamar
5th Place – Richard Palomar of Pueblo County JV
6th Place – Tanner Howells of Crowley County
1st Place – Anthony Aldretti of John Mall
2nd Place – Zach Sandoval of Centauri
3rd Place – Ray Perez of Custer County
4th Place – Cody Armstead of Woodland Park
5th Place – Saul Luna of Lamar
6th Place – Brady Kuhns of Sanford
1st Place – Dylan Palomino of Fowler
2nd Place – Isaiah Baber of Lamar
3rd Place – Vincent Molinaro of Pueblo County JV
4th Place – Jake Hamilton of Colorado Springs Christian School
5th Place – Logan Collins of Pueblo Centennial JV
6th Place – Joaquin Martinez of Dolores Huerta
1st Place – Trystan Estrada of John Mall
2nd Place – Jared Bauer of Crowley County
3rd Place – Bailey Comer of Lamar
4th Place – Michael Rode of Simla
5th Place – Dustin Moye of Miami-Yoder
6th Place – Payton Whitlock of Ellicott
1st Place – Chantz Lange of Fowler
2nd Place – Adam Schultz of Crowley County
3rd Place – Jacob Garner of Woodland Park
4th Place – Alex Rodriquez of Pueblo Centennial JV
5th Place – Nick Griego of John Mall
6th Place – Aaron Anderson of Custer County
1st Place – Jesus Diaz of Trinidad
2nd Place – Preston Terrell of Del Norte
3rd Place – Nick Gober of Pueblo County JV
4th Place – Ethan Maxwell of Sargent
5th Place – Thomas Goeritz of Fowler
6th Place – Jarrett Reigies of Gateway
1st Place – Lucas Tinnes of Lamar
2nd Place – Tyson Martinez of Fowler
3rd Place – Sean Lockwood of Woodland Park
4th Place – Wyatt Weining of Trinidad
5th Place – Logan Sigler of Pueblo County JV
6th Place – Charles McCulley-Sedillo of Pueblo Central
1st Place – Dahlton McGhee of Fowler
2nd Place – Colton Eberhardt of Lamar
3rd Place – Donavin Bedburdick of Sierra
4th Place – Dillan Salter of Del Norte
5th Place – James Sturtevant of Pueblo County JV
6th Place – Daniel Ponce of Pueblo Central
1st Place – Bart Gruenloh of Lamar
2nd Place – Caleb Armijo of Trinidad
3rd Place – Cannon Buford of Crowley County
4th Place – JJ Horn of Fowler
5th Place – Max Mondragon of Sierra Grande/Centennial
6th Place – Dominic Romero of Dolores Huerta
1st Place – Sy Spitz of Lamar
2nd Place – Dylan Crump of John Mall
3rd Place – Austin Hall of Lamar
4th Place – Gavin Howes of Pueblo County JV
5th Place – Justin Tucker of Swink
6th Place – Jasper Smith of Fowler