Grand Junction set a new tournament scoring record while winning the annual Warrior Classic at Grand Junction Central high school.  Below are the top 10 in team scoring and individual results for each class.
Results are provided through Track Wrestling.

1. Grand Junction 250.0
2. Rocky Mountain 187.0
3. Thompson Valley 172.0
4. Uintah UT 171.0
5. Pagosa Springs 163.0
6. Grand Junction Central 153.0
7. Paonia 126.5
8. Cedaredge 122.0
9. Delta 106.0
10. Eagle Valley 94.5
  Pueblo Centennial 94.5

1st Place – Jacob Gonzales of Pueblo Centennial
2nd Place – Max Black of Douglas County
3rd Place – Kieran Thompson of Grand Junction
4th Place – Mac Martinez of Pueblo South
5th Place – Armando Garcia of Denver East
6th Place – Landen Mayberry of Hotchkiss
1st Place – Dawson Collins of Grand Junction
2nd Place – Jacob Duran of Fort Lupton
3rd Place – Jacob McClaskey of Central
4th Place – Airiel Siegel of Thompson Valley
5th Place – Jose Cerda of Denver East
6th Place – Xavier Espinoza of Pueblo South
1st Place – Gavin Ayotte of Uintah
2nd Place – Sergio Campos of Hotchkiss
3rd Place – Trey Geyer of Cedaredge
4th Place – Kristian Arguello of Pueblo South
5th Place – A.J. Serna of Grand Valley
6th Place – Jacob Pelloni of Meeker
1st Place – Randon Deets of Uintah
2nd Place – Taylor Vasquez of Fountain Fort Carson
3rd Place – Lucas Comroe of Eagle Valley
4th Place – Fabian Lujan of Montrose
5th Place – Sean Dale of Cedaredge
6th Place – James Thomas of Pagosa Springs
1st Place – Dre Martinez of Central
2nd Place – Johnny Murphy of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place – Cameron Lucero of Pagosa Springs
4th Place – Anthony Martinez of Denver East
5th Place – Tyler Vigil of Monte Vista
6th Place – Jared Cabunoc of Douglas County
1st Place – Zac Musselman of Monticello
2nd Place – Sackett Chesnik of Paonia
3rd Place – Tannen Kennedy of Meeker
4th Place – Elijah Martinez of Santa Fe
5th Place – Daniel Caddy of Moffat County
6th Place – Cody Sauve of Delta
1st Place – Dylan Martinez of Grand Junction
2nd Place – Tate Martinez of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place – Cole Hernandez of Pueblo Centennial
4th Place – Clay Campbell of Paonia
5th Place – Jay McLaughlin of Thompson Valley
6th Place – Lance Bryant of Steamboat Springs
1st Place – Josiah Rider of Grand Junction
2nd Place – Brayson Wilcox of Monticello
3rd Place – Austin Bernal of Palisade
4th Place – Chase Engelhardt of Thompson Valley
5th Place – Brandon Harper of Delta
6th Place – Colton Hoerr of Cedaredge
1st Place – Aidan Dabal of Norwood
2nd Place – Josh Betts of Rocky Mountain
3rd Place – Hunter Williams of Thompson Valley
4th Place – Brian De La Rosa of Rifle
5th Place – Trevor Bryant of Pagosa Springs
6th Place – Marcus Martinez of Pueblo South
1st Place – Dalton Lucero of Pagosa Springs
2nd Place – Mikinzie Klimper of Moffat County
3rd Place – Isaiah Martinez of Santa Fe
4th Place – Hayden Johnson of Steamboat Springs
5th Place – Jay Skalecki of Grand Junction
6th Place – Davis Ward of Eagle Valley
1st Place – Seth Latham of Grand Junction
2nd Place – Matt Dunkelman of Thompson Valley
3rd Place – Garrett Niel of Pine Creek
4th Place – Elias Peroulis of Moffat County
5th Place – Colton Castro of Pagosa Springs
6th Place – Steven Doyle of Rocky Mountain
1st Place – Payton Tucker of Green River
2nd Place – Keegan Bailey of Fruita Monument
3rd Place – Terrance Williams of Palisade
4th Place – Alec Hargreaves of Rocky Mountain
5th Place – Jacx Power of Coal Ridge
6th Place – Joseph Catanese of Montrose
1st Place – Hunter Tobiasson of Grand Junction
2nd Place – Weston Holdren of Central
3rd Place – Chris Ringus of Thompson Valley
4th Place – Nolan Stretton of Pagosa Springs
5th Place – Taj Van der Linde of Cedaredge
6th Place – Cyrus Malek`Madani of Paonia
1st Place – Logan Church of Delta
2nd Place – Micah Smith of Douglas County
3rd Place – Nico Gonzalez of Mountain Vista
4th Place – Chance Kennicker of Uintah
5th Place – Jonathon Engle of Fort Collins
6th Place – Treyton Queen of Fruita Monument