Below are the top 10 teams in each division as ranked by Colorado Preps.  The polls are not official in any manner and are not included in either the official CHSAA rankings or RPI standings.  They’re simply our thoughts on the best teams in each division.


  1. Kent Denver (6-0)
  2. Bayfield (6-0)
  3. Platte Valley (6-0)
  4. La Junta (5-1)
  5. Classical Academy (5-1)
  6. Faith Christian (5-1)
  7. Basalt (5-1)
  8. Sterling (4-2)
  9. D’Evelyn (3-3)
  10. Salida (5-1)

TEAMS TO WATCH:  Machebeuf (6-0), Aspen (5-1), Alamosa (4-2), Elizabeth (4-2), Pagosa Springs (4-2), Eaton (4-2), Resurrection Christian (3-3), Moffat County (3-3)
NOTES:  While the top five teams remain unchanged from last week there is some movement for the bottom five including the addition of D’Evelyn back into the rankings.  The Jags are only 3-3 and many teams have better records, but their schedule stacks with anyone.  Losses have been against Sterling, Classical Academy and Platte Valley and they have a chance at league championship by beating Faith Christian this week.  Faith jumped up two spots to sixth following losses by Sterling and Alamosa who were ahead of them last week.  The Tigers came up short to #3 Platte Valley and dropped two positions while Alamosa was left out of the poll this week following their loss to unranked Delta. Basalt also climbed two spots thanks to their very important win over Aspen.  Salida stays in the rankings as they played very well in an eight point loss to Classical Academy.


  1. Bennett (6-0)
  2. Meeker (6-0)
  3. Strasburg (5-1)
  4. Centauri (6-0)
  5. Paonia (5-1)
  6. Limon (5-1)
  7. Platte Canyon (5-0)
  8. Crowley County (5-1)
  9. Burlington (4-2)
  10. Olathe (4-2)

TEAMS TO WATCH:  Peyton (5-1), Clear Creek (5-1), Highland (3-3), Wray (3-3), Rocky Ford (4-2), Buena Vista (2-4)
NOTES:  The top nine teams all collected wins or enjoyed a bye in week six so they remain solid in their positions.  Paonia had the most difficult team of any ranked team as they edged Hotchkiss 28-21 in the annual North Fork Bowl.  The remaining eight teams all picked up wins by at least 25 points.  Olathe is the lone newcomer this week as they edged Peyton for the vacancy created with Cornerstone Christian’s loss to Highland.  Olathe is 2-0 in the rugged Western Slope and their only 1A loss is against unbeaten and #4 Olathe by 14 points.  Their second loss came against 2A Coal Ridge.  Peyton’s lone loss is against Highland.


  1. Sedgwick County (5-0)
  2. West Grand (6-0)
  3. Holly (4-1)
  4. Hoehne (5-1)
  5. Merino (6-0)
  6. Haxtun (5-1)
  7. Gilpin County (5-1)
  8. Fowler (5-1)
  9. Caliche (3-3)
  10. Sargent (3-3)

TEAMS TO WATCH:  McClave (5-1), Mancos (5-1), Dayspring Christian (3-3), Rocky Mountain Lutheran (4-2), Soroco (4-2), Akron (2-4), Springfield (3-3), Norwood (3-2)
NOTES:  With a couple top 10 matchups and at least two upsets occurring over the weekend, the eight man rankings are different from a week ago.  The only question that’s easy to answer is who’s number one.  Sedgwick County is the obvious choice there after beating previously unbeaten Haxtun (44-0) in dominating fashion last Friday.  After the Cougars, the rankings could go in several different directions.  We moved West Grand up to second this week but Holly stayed put at number three despite an overtime loss to Springfield.  The Wildcats have a win over Hoehne so we kept them ahead of the Farmers again this week.  Hoehne also stayed in fourth because of their overtime victory at Fowler over the weekend.  Merino climbs to fifth as they stayed perfect with a quality win over Akron.  Haxtun fell four spots to sixth due to the margin of victory in their loss.  Then it gets a bit messy in the final four spots and much of the decisions rest with Caliche.  The Buffs are only 3-3 but their schedule has included wins over Dayspring Christian and Sargent but also losses to Soroco, Gilpin County and Merino.  We move them back into the rankings this week because of that schedule and one spot ahead of Sargent.  Caliche got the nod over 5-1 rivals McClave and Mancos.  Both are quality clubs but their schedules do not stack up to the Buffs.  McClave has one loss to Merino and Mancos, which is unbeaten against Colorado teams, has not faced a top 10 opponent.  The Bluejays though did stay in position for a league championship by beating Norwood in OT on Saturday.


  1. Stratton/Liberty (6-0)
  2. Prairie (6-0)
  3. Peetz (4-1)
  4. Otis (6-0)
  5. Cheyenne Wells (5-1)
  6. Kit Carson (5-1)
  7. North Park (4-1)
  8. La Veta (5-1)
  9. Genoa Hugo (4-2)
  10. Fleming (3-3)

TEAMS TO WATCH:  Eads (4-2), Sierra Grande (5-1), Cotopaxi (4-1)
NOTES:  Three results created changes in our six man rankings this week.  Prairie knocked off Peetz 44-41 and Stratton/Liberty clubbed Cheyenne Wells 53-6.  Both matchups were battles of unbeaten teams.  The third result occurred in the San Luis Valley as La Veta downed Sierra Grande 52-19 to virtually clinch the Southwest crown.  The Redskins also own a victory over Cotopaxi in league play.  With the loss by Peetz, Stratton/Liberty is the new number one team followed by Prairie.  Peetz lost two spots to third and we kept them ahead of unbeaten Otis on strength of schedule.  Peetz also has a win over North Park on their resume.  Otis meantime has not beaten a team in the top 10 but gets that chance against Stratton/Liberty this week.  Cheyenne Wells dropped two spots to fifth as we kept them ahead of Kit Carson as they have a win over the Wildcats.  La Veta, on the strength of their past two weeks, moves up to 8th and ahead of Genoa Hugo and Fleming despite both the Pirates and Wildcats posting wins last week.