Optional participation is no longer optional. The reps count for real. As of today, all of fall sports are officially underway as practices begin in earnest.

The only sport that doesn’t start today is boys golf, which kicked off a week ago and is already in the competition stage for the summer. But now it’s everyone else’s turn.

Today, teams begin gathering and beginning their quest for competition which will span from now until December (sport-dependent, of course).

Welcome to the full 2023-24 Colorado high school athletic year.

Colorado Preps will once again be providing coverage of all sports through the entirety of the state. For a fresh recap of how things ended in each fall sport last year, please see the respective sessions below.

Have fun, compete hard and we’ll see you on the field in no time at all!


(Dan Mohrmann/ColoradoPreps.com)

Girls volleyball

(Dan Mohrmann/ColoradoPreps.com)

Boys soccer

(Marcus Hill)

Field hockey

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Cross country

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(Dan Mohrmann/ColoradoPreps.com)

Boys tennis

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